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During BBOTT 2, Pooja Bhatt Tears Up In Front Of Salman Khan; Says ‘I Feel Like I Haven’t Achieved Anything’

In a recent installment of the reality series Bigg Boss OTT 2, Pooja Bhatt was observed venting her frustration at her fellow contestants. Subsequently, she confided in Salman Khan about the sources of her unhappiness. During this exchange, Pooja became visibly emotional and shed tears as she opened up to Salman. Allow us to inform you about Pooja Bhatt’s statements.

Bigg Boss OTT 2: The contentious reality series ‘Bigg Boss OTT Season 2’ is approaching its final episode. The latest weekend episode is currently in progress. In the recent installment, numerous participants had disagreements with Salman Khan. Amidst this situation, Pooja Bhatt became profoundly emotional and was observed shedding tears while conversing with Salman.

Pooja Bhatt’s Discontentment with Fellow Housemates
During the Saturday episode, Pooja Bhatt exhibited notable dissatisfaction with her fellow housemates. The latest task in the Bigg Boss house required contestants to symbolically throw mud on those deemed responsible for accumulating negative actions. While participating in this task, Pooja voiced her frustration towards her co-housemates, including Abhishek Malhan, remarking “Narrow-minded people, narrow thinking.” She also expressed her willingness to subject herself to the same mud-slinging.


A heated argument arose between Abhishek Malhan and Pooja Bhatt regarding the comment “Small-minded people, small thinking.”

This statement sparked a debate between the two contestants. Following Bigg Boss’s guidance, Pooja initially intended to have a conversation with Jiya Shankar, but she had a change of heart. Ultimately, Bigg Boss allowed her to opt out of the task. Additionally, Abhika declined to be targeted with mud during the task, resulting in the task’s cancellation. Following these events, the Weekend Ka Vaar episode began.

Pooja Bhatt’s Emotional Moment with Salman Khan
During the episode, Salman Khan playfully pointed out Bebika for the task cancellation. He then turned his attention to Abhishek Malhan, giving him a serious lecture. In that instance, Salman noticed Pooja, who seemed a bit downcast. Salman asked about her sadness, and Pooja shared her feelings. Pooja, who is 51 years old, expressed:

“I’m quite saddened by this situation. Their behavior has reached a disappointing level. I’m feeling down because of it. I don’t remember us being like this at this age. It still feels like I haven’t accomplished much. That’s why it seems naive.”

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