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Dunki: Vicky Kaushal DIES in Shah Rukh Khan Starrer? THIS Post Sparks Speculation

Fans have a theory about Dunki.

The latest posters for Dunki have sparked speculations that Vicky Kaushal’s character will die in the film.

After giving two back-to-back blockbusters, Pathaan and Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan will return to the screen a third time this year in the film Dunki. Earlier, only Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu’s names were revealed from the cast. However, Dunki’s first promo and poster revealed that Vicky Kaushal will also be featured in the film. Now, the recently-released second poster has fans theorizing about the fate of Vicky’s character Sukhi in the film.

One Reddit user shared both posters on the microblogging site and noted that while Vicky was present in the first poster depicting the de-aged Shah Rukh, he was absent from the second poster featuring the present-era Shah Rukh.

The eagle-eyed Redditor speculated that since the film’s first promo featured people getting shot at, it is possible that Vicky’s character might have died in that sequence and thus, is missing from the present-era poster. They added, “Vicky is not doing the full-length film as a supporting cast that’s for sure. If he is doing a special appearance then he won’t be alive till the very end… Keeping in mind that Vicky was a surprise from the trailer, if he dies in the film, theatres will be flooded with tears this time. Hirani has cooked something.”

The theory went viral in no time. One person commented, “That’s another point of view & might be a good guess!” Another added, “I also think that. Vicky is also capable of putting those emotions out in limited screen time or space.”

However, some netizens disagreed. One person wrote, “Let’s see. But there’s a possibility that he won’t die. Somehow his character won’t be in the desert sequence. I just hope Hirani has done what he does best.” Another added, “I don’t they will reveal this type of spoiler with the posters.” One person wrote, “OP in the poster, isn’t the second last person looking like Vicky only? Curly hair.”

It will be interesting to see which theory holds true when the film is finally released around Christmas this year!

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