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Director Indrajit Nattoji collaborates with music maestros such as Bickram Ghosh, Hariharan, Shaan and others for Yeh Desh

Renowned tabla maestro and composer Bickram Ghosh, drawn by the exquisite hand-painted film for Kavita Seth’s “Rangi Saari,” sought out the creator, artist and Aafat-e-Ishq fame film-maker Indrajit Nattoji for a music video for his latest composition, ‘Yeh Desh’. This foot-tapping anthem, a heartfelt tribute to India’s Independence Day, has come to life in a breathtaking display of artistic collaboration.

‘Yeh Desh’ found its genesis when Bickram Ghosh, impressed by my hand-painted film for ‘Rangi Saari,’ approached me with his music composition that resonated deeply. The anthem’s infectious rhythms and soul-stirring melodies immediately sparked my creative imagination,” explains Indrajit Nattoji, the mastermind behind this exquisite visual narrative. The track features music maestros like Hariharan, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Mahalaxmi, Shaan, Rahul Vaidya, Ronu Majumdar, Kavita Seth, Bickram Ghosh, and Indian Idol singers.

Nattoji, acclaimed for his distinct approach to visual storytelling, wove together a mesmerizing tapestry of impressionistic animated paintings that beautifully encapsulate the nation’s cultural diversity.

“I envisioned this project as a celebration of our ‘Tiranga’ colours – the embodiment of our freedom. Collaborating with the immensely talented dancer and actor Bhavana Pani, I translated the anthem’s emotion into a captivating dance interpretation. Together with Bharatanatyam dancer Surabhi Andarre, we crafted a dance medley that showcases the elegance of Odissi, the grace of Bharatanatyam, and the allure of Kathak”, Nattoji reflects.

The intricate process demanded unwavering dedication as Indrajit’s visualization, direction, painting, and animation converged seamlessly to form a cohesive whole. “The challenge was immense, but the end result justified every ounce of effort. The amalgamation of dance styles and animated elements helped create a mesmerizing visual symphony.,” Nattoji remarks with a tired smile.

As ‘Yeh Desh’ takes centre stage, it serves as a homage to India’s cherished Independence Day and a testament to the extraordinary power of artistic synergy. “Like my previous project, ‘Rangi Saari,’ I hope this creation will forge a deep visual connect and evoke a spectrum of emotions of Indian pride in the youth. In a grand ode to India’s rich cultural tapestry, ‘Yeh Desh’ emerges as a resounding celebration, seamlessly fusing music and art into an exquisite motion painting that captures the essence of a unique nation,” Nattoji predicts.

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