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Did Yesteryear Tamil Actress Savitri Own A Cheetah? Old Photo Viral

There are no confirmed reports which state whether the Cheetah was Savitri’s pet.

An old picture of Savitri with a Cheetah by her side was circulated on social media some years back.

The everlasting and iconic actress Savitri lives on in the memories of cinegoers with her work in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. She has always been the ideal role model for many aspiring actresses. Savitri was praised for her method acting in films down South. She was among the most accomplished and well-liked stars of all time. In Telugu films, she was referred to as Mahanati; and in Tamil, as Nadigaiyar Thilagam. Savitri was known for her soft roles on the silver screen, but not many are aware of her other side. She also had a fierce and tough side, which is evident from the kind of pet she reportedly kept. While most common pets are domesticated animals like dogs or cats, Savitri reportedly had a Cheetah as her pet.

Some years back, an old picture of Savitri with a Cheetah by her side was circulated on social media. Many claimed that the cheetah was her pet. This claim is still unverified and the photo may have just been a chance encounter. The picture shows Savitri holding the leash, which is tied to a baby Cheetah. There are no confirmed reports which state whether this was her pet, or she was just posing with the wild animal.

After Savitri’s father passed away, when she was just six months old, her mother moved in with their aunt and uncle. When she started to show promise as a dancer, her uncle Kommareddy Venkataramaiah put her in classes. She got her name from the look in her eyes when she was acting. The well-known actor Prithviraj Kapoor gave her a garland as a prize for her participation in one of her many dramas. She travelled to the Vijaya Vauhini studio in Chennai with her uncle in order to cast Savitri as a character in a film. She was able to secure a role, but she was so much in awe of the hero that she forgot her lines.

Savitri met Ramaswamy Ganesan, popularly known as Gemini Ganesan, at that time. He took Savitri’s photos and told the two to come back in two months. Savitri returned to her village after losing hope and carried on performing plays. One day, a man approached Savitri on Gemini Ganesan’s behalf and invited her to appear in one of his films. That’s how Savitri’s career started. After meeting Gemini Ganesan in 1948, Savitri got married to him in 1952. She acted alongside other notable figures including Sivaji Ganesan. Some of her well-known Tamil films are Thiruvilaiyadal, Pasamalar Pava Mannippu, Kalathur Kannamma, and Navarathri.

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