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Did Sonam Kapoor Subtly Respond To Rana Daggubati’s Remark About Her Wasting Dulquer Salmaan’s Time On Set

A recent comment made by Rana Daggubati during a pre-release event for Dulquer Salmaan’s film sparked speculation about a leading Bollywood actress wasting Dulquer’s time on set. While netizens pointed fingers at Sonam Kapoor, Rana later clarified that his remarks were meant as banter. However, Sonam Kapoor’s cryptic response on social media has stirred the conversation once again, hinting at her take on the controversy.

The Controversy Unfolds

Rana Daggubati found himself in the midst of a storm when he revealed an incident where a prominent Hindi film actress had supposedly wasted Dulquer Salmaan’s time on a movie set. Rana’s words led to assumptions that the actress in question was Sonam Kapoor. However, Rana quickly clarified that his comments were meant in a lighthearted manner and apologized to both Sonam and Dulquer for any misunderstanding.

Sonam Kapoor’s Cryptic Response

Adding another layer to the ongoing saga, Sonam Kapoor took to her Instagram story to share a thought-provoking quote. The quote, attributed to former First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt, read, “Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.” In the caption, Sonam wrote, “Just a little something I’d like some people to know… especially when discussing things about people that are made up.”

Rana’s Apology And Clarification

Rana Daggubati promptly addressed the misunderstanding and negativity surrounding the situation. On Twitter, he apologized to Sonam and Dulquer for any unintentional distress caused by his comments. He explained that his comments were misconstrued and that he deeply regretted any confusion they may have caused. Rana clarified that his words were part of friendly banter and expressed his admiration for both Sonam and Dulquer.

The Initial Incident

Rana’s initial comment stemmed from a visit to Dulquer Salmaan on a Hindi film set. He narrated an incident where a big Hindi film heroine was preoccupied with a phone conversation about shopping in London with her husband, leaving Dulquer in the background with a spot boy. While netizens speculated it was about Sonam Kapoor, Rana’s clarification aimed to put the rumours to rest.

Celebrity interactions thrive on attention and conjecture, and this episode is no different. Rana Daggubati’s comments and Sonam Kapoor’s enigmatic response have deepened the controversy, highlighting words’ potency, even in jest. It underscores the need for clear, respectful communication in the public realm.

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