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Did Rakhi Sawant Accuse Her Husband Adil Khan Durrani Of Her Mother’s Death? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Actress Rakhi Sawant has made many allegations against her husband Adil Khan Durrani. Speaking to the media on Monday, Rakhi accused Adil of not paying for her mother Jaya Bheda’s treatment. She said that her mother died and the reason is Adil. On the other hand, Rakhi claimed that Adil told her that he had broken up with her and was living with his alleged girlfriend Tanu. Check out the below to know more.

A paparazzo account shared her video on Instagram. Rakhi said that Adil has taken the final decision and that he will stay with Tanu. According to Rakhi, Adil said to her he is leaving Rakhi to stay with Tanu.

Rakhi added that he used her to get into Bollywood. He made a ladder to become famous in Bollywood. He has taken the money that she had. She has all the proofs. He has used her emotionally, physically, and mentally. Rakhi faced immense torture as she said. After marriage, she came to know the number of criminal cases against him in Mysore.

She further added that Adil has killed her mother. He did not pay for her mother’s treatment on time and that is why her mother passed away. She said, “raste pe la diya, kangal kardiya tumne.”

She also said that her mother was suffering in the hospital. There was money in the account but Adil didn’t give money for the expenses. Rakhi said that there was a need for a small surgery, and it was done with her own money. Rakhi called Adil a beggar.

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