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Cubicles Season 3 Review: As engaging and heart-warming as the first two seasons

The first season of ‘Cubicles’ started streaming in the year 2019 and it emerged as yet another success story for The Viral Fever or TVF, a company which is known for churning out shows which stand out because of their realistic portrayal of a milieu or cultural surrounding. While the first season of ‘Cubicles’ was put on TVF Play and YouTube, its success led towards its second season being picked up by Sony LIV. The third season of the show, which traces the journey of a young professional in the IT industry, is now up on Sony LIV.

It has been a couple of years since Piyush Prajapati (Abhishek Chauhan) has been working at Synotech Innovations in Pune. While Piyush started out as a nervous fresher, he now finds himself operating as a team leader in the same company and leading a bunch of individuals towards accomplishing the goals of the organization. Piyush’s team comprises of Gautam Batra (Badri Chavan), Niketan Sharma (Naveen Shetty) and Sunaina Chauhan (Ayushi Gupta). To manage the goals and finish the deliverables on time, Piyush hires an additional resource in the form of Neha (Ketaki Kulkarni). While Piyush struggles in some areas, he tries to be the best team leader he can. His team members, however, are not too sure about his methods and this leads to friction.

Each of the season of ‘Cubicles’ has had a runtime of less than three hours. Despite most of the episodes being around 30 minutes long, you will get the feeling that you have been a part of Piyush’s professional journey and growth throughout. The third season, too, depicts the journey of his initial days as a team leader in the most organic manner. Those who have worked in the IT industry would be able to relate to the kind of obstacles he faces and the conflicts he has with his team members. Even those who have not worked in this sector, would be able to connect with Piyush’s journey.

As stated earlier, each of the three seasons of the series have exactly the same number of episodes. When you watch all the three seasons, you also realize that they have a similar rhythm and structure to them. The writers (Avinash Singh, Vijay Narayan Varma, Shreyansh Pandey, and Gaurav Sharma) do a very good job at designing the struggles and obstacles around Piyush. One can see that Piyush, being a first-time team leader, is not fully aware of the steps he needs to take to lead his team correctly but as he moves along, he learns several lessons that should help him in his later years as an IT professional as well. The show has been directed very well by Divyanshu Malhotra and there are no complaints on the technical front. One of the highlights of the series is the uplifting background score by Arabinda Neog and Ankur Jyoti. The songs (Journey/Theme Song by Arabinda Neog and Ankur Jyoti and title track by Anurag Saikia), too, leave a mark.  

Piyush Chauhan, for the third time, brings Piyush Prajapati to life in the most effortless manner. He delivers an extremely natural performance and makes you root for the upright character he plays yet again. As Gautam, Badri Chavan gets several moments to shine and he makes the most of it. Ayushi Gupta, too, gets an interesting arc and she delivers a memorable performance. Niketan Sharma stays in his character throughout the show and never do you see him not getting his accent right. Ketaki Kulkarni does very well. Arnav Bhasin (Kalpesh) does well within the scope given to him. Nimit Kapoor leaves a mark as Vikram.

The third season of ‘Cubicles’ is as engaging and heart-warming as the first two seasons. Apart from good writing, the show benefits hugely from solid performances. Now, one keenly looks forward to witnessing the next chapter in Piyush’s journey as an IT professional.

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