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Contraceptives, condoms found in Bengaluru schools! Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam Dhar have their say – Beyond Bollywood

Without commenting on the specific episode, the OMG 2 actors come up with mature replies.

Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam Dhar in a still from OMG 2 [2023]

By Mayur Lookhar

Films ought to reflect social issues and even bat for them in a subtle way. However, ‘below the belt’ conversations are often tough to strike. Last year, the country was shocked when contraceptives, condoms were found in trash cans in some schools in Bengaluru. There were calls for a better curriculum related to sex education. However, there was also adverse reactions when certain parents pinned the actions of the students down to respective schools imparting sex education.

Pankaj Tripathi, Akshay Kumar, and Yami Gautam Dhar-starrer OMG 2 [2023] which inadvertently backs the need to have the right sex education in schools. It’s one thing to highlight the cause via a film, but the Bengaluru episode and the adverse reaction also present a grim ground reality.

We asked Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam Dhar for their views on the Bengaluru incidents. The actors refused to make specific comments but came up with mature replies.

“I haven’t heard or read this story. I’m only hearing this through you,” Tripathi said humbly during a group conversation.

 “The society, (those) parents require rethinking. You tell someone that you need to maintain control, not to do this work. So, either you make a society where there is a police behind every man and then there won’t be any crime. Or you make a society of noble, righteous citizens,” Tripathi says, “Look, when a government increases the budget for arts and culture, naturally your law budget will decrease. You produce good civilians through arts and culture.  If you have good civilians, then do you think we’ll need that many police?

The OMG 2 actor reminded that the first schooling begins at home. He opined that most parents teach the right values to their children. He, however, cautioned that we live in Kaliyuga. The moment one steps out from the corridors of home, the market of lies begins from that point.

Yami Gautam Dhar was more restrained in her reply and hoped that their film will send the right message.

She says, “We have a gist of all these things in the film. But not this incidence. Of course, there is another side that how do you do this? I’m so tempted to throw some light on it [Bengaluru incidents]. Look, I’m not just trying to plug in a film but I think it will be better a way to show how we have worded it, how we have treated it [sex education]”.

Gautam was sensible in saying that that there can never be an absolute word on these matters.

“There can’t be a definite yes or no. Anything that comes with a change will have teething problems. Opinions will be divided but we all have to see the larger picture. Look this is not a comment on your particular question. But I hope the film can answer more or at least just trigger a thought,” quipped Gautam.

OMG 2 is set to be released in theatres on 11 August.

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