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Cardi B Angrily Throws Microphone At Fan Who Tossed A Drink At Her During Live Concert; Watch!

Cardi B threw her microphone in response to one of her fan throwing  drink at her during a live concert  performance in Las Vegas, leaving her enraged. Continue reading!

Cardi B was performing on Saturday, July 29, when she encountered a hostile audience. Live concerts are at an all-time high this time of year, with Lizzo and Taylor Swift also on the road. Cardi B was spotted performing at an outdoor event, singing the song that catapulted her to mainstream popularity, Bodak Yellow. However, the crowd became a little too enthusiastic, and one fan threw their drink at the rapper.

Cardi B has gone viral when a video surfaced of her hurling a concertgoer with her microphone. This viral video has ignited yet another debate about the recent habit of fans throwing objects at favorite musicians as they perform on stage.

Cardi B hits a Concertgoer with a microphone

One thing is certain: Cardi B is not the type to sit back and smile graciously when fans misbehave. She believes in retaliation. That’s exactly what happened at her most recent concert. During her performance at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas, Cardi B was involved in this incident.

Cardi B was performing her smash hit “Bodak Yellow.” She walked onto the stage wearing a flowy orange gown. When the water strikes Cardi, she comes to a halt, but the song continues to play in the background.

A concertgoer threw his drink at Cardi B during a WAP rapper’s performance, leaving the latter enraged. The rapper tossed her microphone at the unwitting concertgoer without hesitation. Even after this occurrence, she completed her performance. Following that, her security apprehends the individual and drags them away from the audience.

A video of the incident went viral, and fans swiftly rallied in defence of their favorite musician. “She did what needed to be done!” said one person. People must stop throwing objects at performers!” “This trend of going to female artists’ sets just for the sake of attacking them is awful” said another user.

Check Out Viral Video Below.

Cardi B afterwards tweeted a video of her reaction to the concert-goer splashing her drink. “Water and gas included… literally,” she wrote. This is not the first time Cardi B has used her microphone to respond to obnoxious fans. Cardi B allegedly assaulted a fan with a microphone three times during the Wireless Festival in 2022.

This isn’t the first time a fan tossed something at their favorite performer while they were on stage. Ava Max was hurt on stage last month during a Los Angeles concert when a male fan struck her across the face out of nowhere.

The most recent performer to be slapped in the face while performing is singer and songwriter Harry Styles, who was hit earlier this month in Vienna. Styles was hit with a bouquet of roses last month at a concert in Cardiff, Wales.

Cardi B and Harry Styles, among others, are the latest artists to have objects thrown at them while performing, joining Steve Lacy, Kid Cudi, Pink, Bebe Rexha, Drake and  Kelsea Ballerini.

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