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BTS Star RM Responds To Fan’s Question On Death: ‘Life Is Worth Living’

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Last Updated: October 19, 2023, 19:26 IST

After the live session, RM was spotted leaving for London.

During a recent live session, BTS leader RM shared insights about his life and connected with ARMY.

BTS leader, RM aka Namjoon, recently connected with his fans through a live session on Weverse. During this live interaction, RM openly shared with his fans that he has been wrestling with emotions of feeling “very lost and alone these days,” shedding light on the emotional challenges he grapples with as both an artist and a public figure. While he was discussing it, there was a moment when a fan posed a question to RM.

The fan asked RM, “You wish you were dead?” In response, RM exhibited empathy and understanding, stating, “I was the same too, you know. Once. I don’t know what you’re doing, where you’re from, what’s your age – but believe me, life is really fun & it is worth living.”

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During the live session, RM displayed empathy and understanding as he engaged with the fan. This is not the first time RM openly discussed mental health issues.

In 2020, a fan named Emma posted a distressing message on Weverse, where she opened up about her struggles with “suicidal thoughts” and the challenges of managing both her mental and physical well-being. RM, always attentive to his fan base, noticed her message and responded with words of comfort and encouragement. He said, “It’s hard to admit, but we can’t solve every kind of problem. Sometimes it’s just too much to bear by myself. But when things are too tough, I think of the faces who I love and who love me, like you. It’s okay to falter and stumble. I hope we could stay strong and fly together, whatever’s underneath the ground.”

Following the emotionally and heartfelt live session, RM was spotted at Seoul airport, reportedly departing for London.

On the work front, RM released his debut solo album, titled Indigo in December 2022.

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