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BTS Member Kim Taehyung Gets Sarcy During Live But BTS ARMY Find Him Sexy

BTS member Kim Taehyung came live to interact with fans for a short while on Tuesday.

BTS member Kim Taehyung got sarcastic during his recent Weverse live session when a fan asked him, ‘How are you, babe?’

After multiple live streams by other members of the group, BTS member Kim Taehyung came live for a short interaction with the ARMY on March 7. It was V’s first livestream of the year on Weverse. The short and sweet live lasted about 13 minutes, but it was still full of adorable moments for ARMYs to enjoy.

Taehyung appeared in a casual vibe with his handsome face sans makeup, with messy hair, and plain clothes.

While reading the comments, Taehyung found a brave fan asking, “How are you, babe?” The singer read it out loud, and after a long, confused pause, Taehyung responded, “I’m your babe?”

The sassy reaction made fans laugh, as it was very on-brand for Taehyung, who finds ways to dodge fans’ attempts to flirt instead of feeding into the pseudo-boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that other idols encourage. Many fans later commented that the youngest member Jungkook, in Taehyung’s place, would have flirted back, but not V, who chose to make it clear he was not comfortable being called ‘babe’.

Another fan asked to have the shirt Taehyung was wearing. He turned them down, saying, “You want my T-shirt? You can’t have it. This is a limited edition.” ARMYs found out he was wearing one of the BTS X McDonald’s collaboration merch that was released in 2021.

He also made Filipino fans happy by speaking some words of love in their local language. He said, “Mahal kita. Mahal ko kayo,” which means “I love you,” I love you all.”

Taehyung also shared that he got a perm done. He wasn’t supposed to wash his hair right after it, but he did it anyway as soon as he arrived home. He also said that he can’t stay live as long as Jungkook as his phone battery was going to die soon.

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