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BLACKPINK Star Jennie’s Reaction To Lee Jae Suk ‘Exposing’ Her True Alcohol Habits Is Trending

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: March 02, 2024, 15:30 IST

Jennie’s reaction sparked laughter among fans. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

During her guest appearance on Pinggyego, Jennie initially appeared reserved but soon became more comfortable.

Jennie from BLACKPINK made a notable appearance on the YouTube show Pinggyego, catching everyone’s attention with her response to Lee Jae Suk’s remarks about her drinking habits. Since leaving YG Entertainment and establishing her own company, ODD ATELIER, Jennie has been actively engaging in various shows such as Apartment 404. While initially displaying a shy demeanor on Pinggyego, Jennie quickly adjusted to the atmosphere, particularly as she was acquainted with many of the celebrities present, including Yoo Jae Suk.

The atmosphere took a humorous turn when Lee Jae Suk brought up Jennie’s supposed prowess in handling alcohol. Lee Jae Suk jokingly asserted that Jennie is “quite the drinker,” prompting an amusing reaction from Jennie who exclaimed, “That’s a secret!” Despite her playful attempt to divert the topic, Lee Jae Suk persisted, asserting that Jennie was the most capable drinker among them. Jennie tried to shift the focus by suggesting that actor Lee Jung Ha was better in drinking, but the conversation continued, with other cast members chiming in on Jennie’s alcohol tolerance, according to reports from Koreaboo.

Watch the video here:

Jennie’s reaction sparked laughter among netizens, particularly given her past remarks about having a low alcohol tolerance. They applauded her candid and charming response. Jennie’s recent appearances on shows like Pinggyego have only strengthened her bond with fans, endearing her to them even further.

Several viewers shared their reactions to the episode, with a mix of playful skepticism and admiration for Jennie’s charisma.

A user joked, “So she lied to us when she said her alcohol tolerance is only 2 shots of Soju. You can keep denying Jennie but that doesn’t make it true.”

“She is everyone’s baby,” read another comment.

Another user expressed surprise saying, “Jennie is good at drinking alcohol now???? I’m shocked HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

“Me watching the show with no subtitles just staring at Jennie JENNIE ON PINGGYEGO,” wrote an admirer.

Overall, Jennie’s appearance on Pinggyego was well-received, further solidifying her status as a beloved idol.

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