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Billlie Member Moon Sua To Go On A Break Due To Health Concerns

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: September 12, 2023, 17:22 IST

Moon Sua exited YG Entertainment in 2019 and started working with Mystic Story. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Moon Sua’s agency Mystic Story reassured her fans to keep them informed regarding the artist’s return. The agency acknowledged any inconvenience that may arise from this decision.

On September 12th, Mystic Story, the agency representing Moon Sua, a Korean rapper and singer who is a part of the girl group Billlie currently, made a formal announcement via their official fan cafe regarding her temporary withdrawal from professional engagements due to health-related concerns. The agency provided an explanation, expressing the necessity for sufficient rest and stability during this period, and requested fans to kindly understand the situation in light of this decision. Commencing on the very same day, group Billlie’s official commitments will continue with a reduced lineup of five members, namely Haram, Haruna, Sheon, Siyoon, and Tsuki.

Through their announcement, Mystic Story also reassured Billlie and Moon Sua’s fans by affirming their commitment to keeping them informed regarding the artist’s eventual return. The agency acknowledged any inconvenience that may arise from this unexpected development and expressed its dedication to supporting the artist in her journey to recovery.

Sua’s fans on X (Formally known as Twitter) have shown love and support to her and have wished for her rapid recovery. A fan commented, “Take care and take your time a lot.” Another fan said, “I hope Sua will be allowed to take as much time as she needs to recover.”

“Sua my love, don’t worry too much about your schedule, take good care of your health and take the time necessary to rest, We will be waiting for you here as long as necessary, love you,” wrote another user.

Apart from being a renowned rapper and singer, Moon Sua is also a lyricist. Preceding her debut, Moon Sua had already garnered recognition among fans as a trainee under YG Entertainment. Her training journey commenced in 2009. Additionally, there was a widespread belief that she stood as a potential candidate for BLACKPINK’s formation. However, this news was never officially confirmed.

After a decade-long tenure with the agency, Sua made the decision to part ways with YG Entertainment in 2019, eventually finding her new home under the banner of MYSTIC Story.

Sua is also the younger sister of the late ASTRO member Moonbin who had allegedly died of suicide earlier this year, in April.

Prior to this, Moon Sua’s fellow Billlie member, Suhyeon, had also announced her temporary hiatus following a professional recommendation indicating her need for rest. On June 15, Mystic Story, the agency representing Billlie, issued a statement via the group’s fan cafe regarding Suhyeon’s health status. They conveyed the news that Billlie’s Suhyeon would be temporarily discontinuing her activities for health reasons.

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