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BB16: Abdu Rozik Out From The Show, This Is What Happened To Shiv-Sajid After Abdu Left: Watch Video!

The upcoming Bigg Boss 16 episode will be very emotional for Abdu Rojik fans. A new Bigg Boss 16 promo has surfaced. Abdu Rojik was seen leaving the house in the trailer. On one hand, Abdu Rojik was seen leaving the Bigg Boss house, while Shiv and Sajid Khan were seen crying for him.

Abdu Rojik has left the house

There have been numerous reports on Bigg Boss Fan Club that Abdu Rojik is about to be booted off the show. At the same time, it is clear from the promo that Abdu Rojik’s time on Bigg Boss is coming to an end. Bigg Boss says in the promo that this is happening for the first time in 16 seasons. Abdu then walks towards the tunnel. Nimrat tells him to wait now, Abdu. Following that, all of the family members gather near the tunnel.

For a brief moment, it appeared to be another Bigg Boss prank. But everyone waits, and Abdu Rojik exits the Bigg Boss house. As soon as Abdu leaves the Bigg Boss house, all of the contestants become emotional. Shiva, Sajid Khan, and Tina Dutta can all be seen sobbing.

Sajid had already realised

This was the first time he had been seen crying for someone in the entire season. Everyone knows Abdu Rojik and Sajid Khan have a special relationship. That’s why Sajid had probably already realised Abdu was about to leave. However, by the way everyone in the family is crying after Abdu Rojik’s departure, it is clear how important ‘Chhota Bhaijaan’ was to everyone.

Watch video;


Fans are emotional after watching the promo;

Imagine how people will feel after watching the entire episode. According to reports, Sajid Khan will also be eliminated from the show. In the most recent episode, Salman Khan eliminated Sreejita.


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