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Awareness Trailer Out: Carlos Scholz, Pedro Alonso Dive Into The Power Of Illusion

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: September 21, 2023, 15:30 IST

Awareness will be released on October 11. (Image Credits: YouTube)

The plot of the film revolves around the life of the main protagonist Ian, played by Carlos Scholz, a rebellious teenager who loses control and exposes his superpower in public.

“Reality is just an illusion,” in the thrilling trailer of Spanish-American sci-fi flick Awareness that dropped on Wednesday, September 20. The plot of the film revolves around the life of the main protagonist Ian, played by Carlos Scholz, a rebellious teenager. Ian’s peaceful life with his father on the outskirts of society is disrupted after he gets involved in a high-octane car chase sequence with police authorities. “If they catch you, they’ll take you to a laboratory. Get that through your head,” Ian’s father yells to warn him against using his special powers in the opening sequence of the trailer.

Paying no heed to his advice, the teenager uses his extraordinary ability and loses control thereby exposing himself to powerful opposition forces. The trailer makes it clear Ian can project visual illusions into the minds of others. But after his secret is out in public, he is hunted by a mysterious organization. Ian’s locked up inside a lab facility when the leader of the organization reveals she wants the formula in his blood. When a perplexed Ian quizzes about the formula, he learns it can create and deactivate his powers. After a series of hallucinating-like projections, the mystery unfolds Ian can, “make others believe what he wants them to and remain invisible.” But a twist soon arises when a person on the inside helps Ian get out of the facility.

Since then begins a fatal game of survival against the mysterious agency. From jumping down buildings to mortal gun-action combats, the secrets of a hidden community “Awareness” are out in the one. Ian is believed to be the last member of the secretive group, and completely unaware of their existence. Initially, Ian assumes he’s the only one holding special powers until the character of Perceiver is introduced in the mix.

The teenager learns he has been lied to his whole life before taking a step forward to uncover all that’s been hidden from him. “What makes you different makes you stronger,” the youngster’s love interest pacifies him in the midst of the rising chaos. Suddenly, the rebellious teenager is executing everything in his power to know who he really is. Will he succeed in his pursuits, only time can tell.

Watch the trailer here:

Helmed by Daniel Benmayor, the movie also stars Pedro Alonso, Maria Pedraza, and Lela Loren in pivotal roles. Awareness is scheduled to begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video from October 11 onwards.

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