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Armaan Malik’s Two Marriages And Controversy With YouTuber Vivek Chaudhary; Deets Inside!

Armaan Malik, a well-known YouTuber, has lately made news for his unusual family life. The social media sensation, which has a vast 1.5 million fan base, astonished his followers when he revealed that his wives, Payal Malik and Kritika Malik, were expecting babies. However, his declaration was controversial as Vivek Chaudhary, a fellow YouTuber, charged Armaan with fabricating his two weddings to attract attention.

Vivek Chaudhary’s shocking revelation

Vivek Chaudhary recently asserted in a video on his YouTube channel that Armaan Malik is deceiving the public by fabricating his weddings. He questioned the legitimacy of Armaan’s two weddings and said that Armaan was utilizing his remarkable family life to boost his fame. Internet users were outraged by the video, with supporters of Armaan defending him and others defending Vivek’s assertions.

The controversy between Armaan Malik and Vivek Chaudhary

After Armaan noticed that Vivek and his wife, Khushi Punjaban, had recently stopped sharing videos, the two argued. Additionally, Armaan made hints about their marital problems. Since then, Vivek has responded to Armaan by demanding the truth about his two marriages and telling him that he shouldn’t be told what is right or wrong.

Armaan Malik’s two marriages

In case you didn’t know, Armaan Malik wed Payal in 2011. Their son, Chirayu Malik. In 2018, Armaan married Kritika, Payal’s best friend, without divorcing her. Since then, the unusual family has been residing together. But the time changed in 2022, when both his wives got pregnant simultaneously. The family gave birth to Zaid, Ayan, and Tuba Malik in April 2023.

Despite the controversy, Armaan Malik’s supporters have supported his family life, with many praising his ability to balance his relationships and his responsibilities to his family. Others have criticized him for leading an unconventional family life and charged him with doing so to gain attention.

It’s unclear how Armaan Malik and Vivek Chaudhary will settle their dispute as the scandal develops. Due to this incident, Armaan Malik is again in the public eye, and it doesn’t seem like his star power will diminish soon.

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