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AR Rahman Defends His Wife Saira Banu After Being Trolled For Not Speaking In Tamil!

These days, AR Rahman is everything! As his score for the recently released movie Ponniyin Selvan 2 continues to receive much love and acclaim from audiences, the renowned music composer is currently dominating headlines. And there is no denying that the legendary team of Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman has once again produced a masterpiece. Despite being 56 years old, AR Rahman’s work still astounds everyone.

AR Rahman Defends Wife Saira Banu Against Troll

But more than just his music is causing a stir. Saira Banu, the wife of AR Rahman, recently received criticism for being unable to communicate in Tamil during an occasion. Actress Kasturi Shankar posed AR Rahman to divulge their language so they could speak at home while trolling Saira on Twitter. AR Rahman, however, was having none of it and spoke out in favor of his wife with the short but impactful tweet “Respect for love.” So that’s how you deal with a troll!

என்னது ஆர் ரஹ்மான் அவர்களின் மனைவிக்கு தமிழ் வராதா? அவங்க தாய் மொழி என்ன ? வீட்டுல குடும்பத்தில என்ன பேசுவாங்க? #arrahman https://t.co/WzEeMeYu59 via @FacebookWatch

— Kasturi (@KasthuriShankar) April 27, 2023

The Love Story of AR Rahman and Saira Banu

Did you know that Saira Banu and AR Rahman have been married since December 20, 1973? In Kutch, Gujarat, they had a small wedding with just immediate family and friends present. Despite their marriage being arranged, Saira was a massive admirer of AR Rahman’s music, and she saw her union with him as a dream come true.

Rahima Rahman, AR Ameen, and Khatija Rahman are the couple’s three children. Additionally, Saira Banu and AR Rahman rank among the cutest and most devoted couples if you’ve seen them together. We all swoon since they are frequently spotted attending events together and showing off their love in public.

AR Rahman’s Musical Magic in Ponniyin Selvan 2

But let’s return to AR Rahman’s most recent compositions. We’re not shocked that Ponniyin Selvan 2’s music significantly influenced the movie’s popularity. The combination of Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman has produced some of the most well-known songs in Indian films. They are a marriage made in heaven.

We are excited to see what AR Rahman has in store for us next as he continues to produce music at the age of 56 and shows no signs of slowing down. Let’s continue dancing to his music for the time being and admiring the musical prodigy that he is.

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