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Anushka Sharma ‘Disgusted’ As Ranveer Singh Interrupts Her With His Gestures, Netizens React; Watch Video

Stills from the viral video. (Image: Reddit)

In an old interview clip which has gone viral now, netizens think Ranveer Singh’s behaviour annoyed Anushka Sharma.

Ranveer Singh debuted in Bollywood alongside Anushka Sharma in the 2010 film Band Baaja Baarat. The film was very well received by the audience and critics alike, who greatly appreciated Ranveer and Anushka’s chemistry on-screen. It was also reported then that the two actors had started dating and had a long-term relationship. However, neither have officially confirmed these speculations. Now, in a clip that has gone viral on Reddit, netizens think Anushka appears to be annoyed at Ranveer’s behaviour during an interview.

In the clip, Anushka begins to answer a question about film promotions. However, Ranveer keeps tapping her shoulder and makes gestures while standing next to her. This distracts the actress who seems to be annoyed, as per netizens. She asked Ranveer, “Why are you doing this?” Ranveer replied, “Because girls like to swing,” referencing Anushka and Priyanka Chopra’s song of the same name from Dil Dhadakne Do.

Anushka ignored his reply and tried to finish her answer. However, Ranveer kept interrupting her. He said, “Insta, insta, insta love, insta gratification, insta life, insta death.” Anushka smiled as her eyes darted from Ranveer to the reporter. The video then cuts to Ranveer answering a question by laughing in a different tone. He then broke into song as Anushka looked away.

Anushka continued to give glances at the camera and the crew behind the camera. She then said that Ranveer “coffee pi ke pagal ho gaya hai”. Netizens took to the comments section and expressed their hot takes.

One person wrote, “Anushka really made the best decision and married Virat, got the best husband out of all her contemporaries .” Another person commented, “Anushka looks uncomfortable.” One person wrote, “I see a Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani, 83, Padmavat, Gully Boy and feel he is such a terrific actor. And then I see him in interviews and promotions.”

One person wrote, “What was he even doing lol.” Another added, “Poor Anushka, she looks so done.” One Reddit user wrote, “Anushka looks disgusted.” Another added, “They were great in Band Baaja Baraat though. I loved their pairing.”

However, some people disagreed. One person wrote, “Nah, everyone is way too serious. I’m glad he does his silly stupid antics and is unapologetic about it. People need to get off their high chairs lol.” “The fact that he can play characters who have completely opposite personalities than what he has IRL so freaking well itself says how good of an actor he is,” another person added.

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