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Anshuman Malhotra from Dillogical on complications of situationships and open relationships

Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its romantic comedy series Dillogical. This series’s narrative revolves around Saransh and Jinal’s lives, offering a fantastic blend of romance and comedy.

Their relationship takes an unexpected turn with a modern twist, as they navigate through the complexities of love and open relationships. The series explores the dynamics and intricacies of human emotions, embracing the messiness of love in a captivating manner. Alongside Anshuman Malhotra, Priyank Sharma, Chetan Dhawan, and Prasanna Bisht in pivotal roles, Nupur Nagpal portrays the character of the independent and outspoken girl, Jinal, in the series.

Nupur Nagpal opened up about her idea of an ideal relationship, she said, “An ideal relationship fosters free communication, which is something I admire about Jinal as well. She is candid with her childhood sweetheart Saransh that she wants to pursue an open relationship, which is a significant step. She is very genuine and honest, recognizing him as both her longtime friend and romantic interest. Consequently, she shares her beliefs with him openly. And I believe that is what a pure relationship is about simplicity and honesty!”

Adding to that, Anshuman Malhotra, who plays the role of Saransh in the series, said, “I have never encountered a situation like Saransh, but there was a period when I had feelings for two different girls. I experienced the dilemma of being caught in this predicament, and I wished that I could have been in an open relationship with both of them. Unfortunately, circumstances did not unfold in that manner.”.

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