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Ameesha Patel Reveals Reasons Behind Outburst Against ‘Gadar 2’ Director, Anil Sharma: Read Here!

During the ‘Gadar 2’ promotional tour, Ameesha Patel frequently slammed filmmaker Anil Sharma and his son, Utkash Sharma. Now, the likely causes have been identified, according to a report.

Ameesha Patel was dissatisfied with the duration of her role in the movie Gadar 2, according to a Times Now article. This was one of the key reasons she discussed Anil Sharma, his production company, and Utkarsh Sharma in numerous interviews with numerous top daily publications. According to the report, Ameesha also spoke to the director about her discouragement, but Anil allegedly did not pay attention to her. In addition, if the allegation is accurate, Ameesha asked Anil whether he wanted to accompany Sunny Deol on his trip to Pakistan (as per the movie’s plot) and support him heavily while he killed the criminal. Anil, however, dismissed Ameesha’s wishes and discouraged her suggestions.

Ameesha Patel’s rant against Gadar 2 director Anil Sharma

Previously, Ameesha made numerous serious complaints against Anil Sharma Productions, claiming full mismanagement. The actress also disclosed the number of technicians who had terminated their contracts mid-shoot and shed light on the non-clearance of dues. Zee Studios finally had to intervene to resolve the issue. Ameesha stated the following in a News18 interview:

“A lot of people have been asking me about my relationship with Mr. Anil Sharma. So here is my answer to all. Our relationship was never good, even during Gadar 1, but he’s family to me and always will be. Like all family members, we don’t always get along, but we’re still family. That’s our bond. I have his chat as proof. He requested my business partner to delete the tweets and also tweets about Simratt Kaur and her explicit videos of adult films that went viral. I deleted them on his request since, like I said, Anilji is family to me. The dues that he owed to many technicians, which I tweeted about, I have chats of all of them. In fact, I have chats with Zee Studios as well, where they were shocked at Anilji’s way of handling the production, and it was Zee who resolved all the issues.”

Utkarsh Sharma, the film’s director Anil Sharma’s son, made his debut as a young boy in Gadar: Ek Prem Katha in 2001. He made his acting debut as an adult in the lead role of Genius, an action thriller directed by his father. Last but not least, he appeared in the recently released movie Gadar 2 as Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s son. 

Ameesha Patel made fun of Utkarsh’s career when she was discussing the same subject. Ameesha was quoted as saying in an interview with a major newspaper that Anil planned to use Gadar 2 to advance Utkash’s career, but Sunny and Ameesha’s characters Tara Singh and Sakina stole the show. After that, Utkarsh also retaliated, but he hoped that his on-screen mother had been misquoted. Ameesha’s words:

“Feel bad for Anilji since he tried to push his son Utkarsh a lot in Gadar 2, but eventually, Tara and Sakina stole the limelight. Utkarsh is a very sweet boy, and I got him into the industry, and his father is very sweet to keep promoting him. Let’s hope some bigwigs from the industry start signing Utkarsh, as he’s a sweet boy and no boy would like to only be signed by his dad.”

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