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Akshay Kumar Discusses How Much Box Office Failure Affects Him

Akshay Kumar has recently opened up about the dismal reception his latest movie received at the box office. As per reports, he shares his gloomy experience related to failure in his recent interview with them. In India, Akshay Kumar is among the highest-grossing actors of all time. In comparison to his contemporaries, he is famous for his prolific film output.

Over the past few months, Akshay Kumar has seen a slew of films debut both in theatres and on over-the-top services. And not all of them lived up to the lofty standards set for them. Some of his works were met with criticism because they failed to resonate with moviegoers. Now, in a recent interview, Akshay has addressed the negative reviews, fan anger, and disappointing box office returns.

Actor Akshay Kumar discusses his approach to negative reviews.

In an interview with a news website, Akshay Kumar admits that he, too, has experienced success and failure. He discusses the highs and lows of receiving praise for and criticism of his films. He claims to be human, with the same positive and negative reactions to good and terrible fortune. Akshay Kumar is proud of how quickly he can forget the past.

The same determination he had on his first day of work is still what drives him today, he adds. The actor said that he will never let anyone take away his passion for acting. Despite the negative feedback, he says to keep going. A greater power, he says, is keeping tabs on everything, and people’s efforts will be rewarded in due time.

Akshay Kumar admits that he is affected by the success of his films.

Akshay Kumar, star of Hera Pheri 3 and OMG 2, confirmed to Financial Times that he takes box office results seriously. He believes that actor success or failure is directly related to box office returns. Hits and misses are the common terms for these phenomena.

According to Akshay, the audience will let them know if they’re right or wrong in this way. He tells the news website, “Because if a film doesn’t work, that means people didn’t come to see it,” implying that viewers didn’t find any emotional resonance with the material. And then the performer has to go through a transformation. According to Akshay, that’s the goal of the business world as a whole. For his filmography, Akshay has “OMG 2,” “Hera Pheri 3,” “The Great Indian Rescue,” and more in the works.



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