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Ajay Devgn reveals Veeru Devgan was a gangster prior Bollywood

In a recent episode of Karan Johar’s talk show, the charismatic duo of Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty shared the stage, delving into personal anecdotes that added layers to their on-screen charisma. Amidst the revelations, Ajay Devgn pulled back the curtain on his father’s past, shining a spotlight on the renowned action director, Veeru Devgan. What emerged was a riveting narrative of a man who transitioned from a teenage gangster to a Bollywood legend.

image credit: Ajay Devgn / instagram

Audacity and Hardship: Veeru Devgan’s Formative Years

Reflecting on his father’s early life, Ajay Devgn unveiled a chapter marked by audacity and hardship. Veeru Devgan’s adolescence saw him leave home at the tender age of 13, steering towards a life that involved a brief stint as a gangster. The revelation provides a fascinating glimpse into the formative years of a man who would later become a stalwart in the world of Indian cinema.

ajay devgan and rohit shetty
image credit: Ajay Devgn/Instagram

Parallel Journeys: Rohit Shetty’s Insight 

Rohit Shetty, also a prominent figure in the film industry, added to Ajay Devgn’s revelation by drawing parallels between his father, MB Shetty, and Veeru Devgan. Both had embarked on their journeys to Mumbai at the age of 13, starting from humble beginnings before making indelible marks in the world of action direction.

ajay devgan and veeru devgan
Ajay Devgn and Veeru Devgan

“From the streets to stardom, Veeru Devgan’s journey echoes the indomitable spirit that transforms adversity into Bollywood’s enduring legacy.”

Struggles in the City of Dreams: Veeru Devgan’s Mumbai Saga

The talk show unfolded Veeru Devgan’s struggles upon arriving in Mumbai, a city that can be unforgiving to those seeking fortune. Ajay Devgn recounted how his father, lacking even a train ticket, faced imprisonment and grappled with the harsh realities of a life without work or food. The turning point came when a senior action director, Mr. Ravi Khanna, recognized Veeru’s fighting prowess during a street altercation. This serendipitous encounter opened doors to Bollywood, with Khanna acknowledging Veeru’s potential with the words, “Tu ladta acha hai.” From there, Veeru Devgan’s journey as a Bollywood fighter commenced, forever altering the course of his life.

Synergy of Rohit Shetty’s and Ajay Devgn’s narratives Narratives: Common Struggles and Resilience

The synergy between Rohit Shetty’s and Ajay Devgn’s narratives not only emphasizes the common struggles of their fathers. It also underscores the resilience and tenacity required to carve a niche in the film industry.

Legacy in Action: Veeru Devgan’s Impact on Bollywood

Veeru Devgan’s legacy remains an integral part of Bollywood’s history. Veeru Devgan choreography of action sequences in over 200 films. These are like “Roti Kapada Aur Makaan,” “Mr. Natwarlal,” “Phool Aur Kaante,” and “Ram Teri Ganga Maili,”. This solidified his position as a maestro in his field. The untold story of his journey adds another layer to the tapestry of Bollywood. All showcases the grit and determination that propel individuals from the streets to stardom.

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