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Aashram’s Tridha Choudhury raises the heat in this old school number – Beyond Bollywood

The music, singing has a 90s vibe. The urban setting [disco] seems a misfit for its music but the single has elements to appeal certain masses.

Tridha Choudhury in Dhuan Dhuan single

By Mayur Lookhar

This reviewer hasn’t shied from expressing his fascination for late 80s, 90s music that stood out for its simplicity.  In the millennium, our ears often look out for songs that trigger such nostalgia. Zee Music recently launched a humble single Dhuan Dhuan that partly triggers that nostalgia. It features Aashram series actor Tridha Choudhury and lyricist Pranav Vatsa. The music is by one Vivian Richard with Nakash Aziz crooning the smoky number.

The lyrics don’t have much to them. In fact the first half of the song feels very average. Dhuan Dhuan engages you more in the second half. Music, singing and there’s an improvement in its visual appeal too. If you get past the first minute, there is something in this Dhuan Dhuan that will partly trigger the 90s nostalgia. The song has simplicity written all over it which is enjoyed by a section of the masses.  In certain portions, the song has a subtle Qawwali-style flavour to its music. For all its desi music, the western [disco] setting feels odd for the 90s generation. Hey, it’s 2023 and a certain upgrade is no harm.

Dancing clearly isn’t Pranav Vatsa’s forte. Tridha Choudhury too lacks that energy in the early part.  She makes amends later, particularly while performing the bootylicious steps. Choudhury looks like a bomb. Vatsa’s fuzzy look and bun will charm his admirers. The artistes aren’t perfect, but they are enjoying this experience. One can’t fault Vatsa and Choudhury for their expressions. You are hooked to its easy-paced hook step. The foreign artistes [side dancers], too, get a taste of desi dancing.

Producer Vinod Paliwal looks like a clone of Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal. The wiry Paliwal was requested to come in front of the camera. His dancing would seriously give this reviewer a tough competition.

Dhuan Dhuan has its cons, but it also has adequate elements to draw the attention of the target audiences. Watch the single below.

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