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A Female Fan Throws Her Undergarment On Nick Jonas During Concert, Priyanka Chopra Reacts Angrily!

How strong the relationship between Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas is can only be seen from their social media profiles. A festival or event in India always adds a touch of elegance to its presence. Recently, when footage from Nick’s concert went viral on social media, I saw Priyanka do it and people say she’s the typical wife.

Nick Jonas’s Female fan did a shameful act

At a Nick Jonas concert, a fan accidentally tried to throw away her panties at Nick’s concert, and after Priyanka saw this, the “wife” did something that shocked even the fan. Indeed, when a fan threw her panties at Nick, Priyanka saw her, grabbed the bra from her hand, walked over and put it on her shoulder.

Priyanka did something like this

The funny reaction of people can be seen in the video. Some say that Priyanka has left India but is acting like a typical Indian woman. So, someone said that Priyanka is protective of her husband like any other wife. Please tell me that Nick is an American singer and also very famous on social media. Priyanka attends almost all her husband’s concerts.

Watch video;

#NickJonas fan goes crazy and tosses her bra at the singer; #PriyankaChopra picks up the undergarment and dances with it.. #Priyanka #PeeCee #Bollywood #FamilyJonas #JonasBrothers #Jonas #Hollywood #MissWorld2000 #Queen #PiggyChops #Nickyanka #NPglobaldomination #TheSkyIsPink pic.twitter.com/VAnAuPwYyj

— TENKAYA (@TenkayaOfficial) April 3, 2019

Malti’s face was shown recently

Last year they became parents thanks to a surrogate mother. Their daughter Malti was born in their house. Hiding her daughter’s face for a year, she showed her face for the first time a few days ago. Previously, you shared photos of your girlfriends with emojis. Malty looks just like Nick and is very sweet.

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