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5 Casino-Themed Movies In Bollywood

For decades, Casino-themed movies have been a source of entertainment in Bollywood. For this reason, they are popular among the audience. These movies are about pro gamblers and feature a unique blend of action, drama, and humour.

The pro-gamblers excel at casinos, making casino-themed movies among the most popular films in Bollywood and are thus loved by fans. Nonetheless, each movie has a unique story and plot that make it stand out.

Here are the most iconic ones if you are looking for the best casino-themed movies in Bollywood. In the end, you’ll have an exciting and fun experience.

What are Casino-Themed Movies?

Before diving deeper, you need to understand what casino-themed movies are about. Well, Casino-themed movies are films that revolve around the themes and activities in a casino. Most of the time, they feature the main character, a gambler or a hustler.

However, the character must overcome obstacles to succeed. Typically, they contain gambling stories, loss, love, or crime in casinos. Since casino-themed movies contain suspense, drama, and adventure, they provide a glimpse into the gambling world. These movies help you get tricks to bet on the betting sites like the 24 betting.

Bollywood Movies Featuring Casinos

Like the rise of the best mobile apps for online betting in India, there are various Bollywood movies featuring casinos today. Here are some of the best.

The Great Gambler

Released in 1971, The Great Gambler is directed by Shakti Samanta. The Great Gambler is about a gambling expert called Jai. In this movie, the bad guy is the owner of the gambling hall where Jai plays his tricks. Typically, Jai never loses a single game.

With time, he is forced to play against pro gamblers, a trick where he ventures into the business to trick people for money. Surprisingly, Jai defeats all of them and wins. He gets into dangerous situations as time passes, making him more famous.

Additionally, the movie highlights his real-life problems. Generally, the Great Gambler is a fun movie that displays the thrill of gambling and how it can create addiction. If you are a beginner, you should try this.

Teen Patti

Second on the list is Teen Patti, a Bollywood casino-themed movie directed by Leena Yadav and came out in 2010. The movie stars some of the best Bollywood stars like Shraddha Kapoor and Ben Kingsley.

It stars Venkat, and the main character has a wild Teen Patti theory that makes him start gambling. His main aim is to hit the jackpot in the casino. Percy, a famous mathematician, makes everything possible by helping him to win significant cash in London casinos.

Godfather (1991)

Godfather is a 1991 casino-themed movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Mario Puzo. It features an all-star cast, such as Al-Pacino and many more. The movie was centered around a powerful mafia family in the 19th century.

As the best movie of all time, it follows the story of Don Vito Corleone, a mafia leader, and his attempt to protect his family and the business interest. In this movie, the Corleones try to gain control over Las Vegas and the different casinos.

As a result, the mafia and his sons, Michael and Santino, become involved in the mob’s activities, such as bribery and gambling. He also tries to take over the casino business and use their influence to keep the other mob families out.

Godfather is one of the best mafia movies ever made since it displays the power of the mob and how it can control and manipulate people. It also shows how loyalty and family are essential elements of planned crimes. Indeed, this is a must-watch for all movie fans.


The above-mentioned casino-themed movies are among the best. But when it comes to the ones that feature real-life stories, it’s the Striker. Striker is based on real-life events. It premiered in 2010 and revolved around a young boy called Surya.

Surya fights throughout his life in Indian suburbs. He discovered his skills in the game Carrom. From this, a betting consortium spotted and appreciated his talent. However, he was greedy, which landed him in a lousy company.

Striker is a classic casino-themed movie that will keep the audience hooked until the end, thus worth watching.


Closing the list of the five best casino-themed movies in Bollywood is Jannat. This is a perfect movie for people who love romantic drama. The most exciting part is the gambling aspect in it. This great movie premiered in 2008, and it’s all about a young and successful gambler called Arjun Dixit.

Arjun acquires a lot through gambling day and night. His main aim was to make his family wealthy, but addiction made him deprive his partner Zoya. While he gets deeper into betting, his relationship ends up complicated.


Many Bollywood casino-themed movies offer a glimpse into the world of gambling in India. Each of these movies is unique, offering a different gambling perspective. Some are pure gambling, while others are gambling with a touch of romantic drama.

Indeed, these movies provide a clear gaming experience. As much as gambling is not legal in India, these movies still represent it as an essential part of the culture. Therefore, Casino-themed movies in Bollywood are a great way to explore this unique and fascinating part of Indian culture. If you are looking for the best gambling movies, consider the ones above.

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