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11 Bollywood Cult Classic Movies You Won’t Believe Were Box Office Flops

In the world of cinema, success is often measured by box office numbers and critical acclaim. However, there are instances where films initially met with commercial failure but went on to attain a dedicated fan following over time. These movies, despite being labelled as flops upon release, eventually earned the status of cult classics due to their unique storytelling, unconventional themes, and memorable characters. Therefore, this article will delve into seven Bollywood films that underwent a remarkable transformation, turning their initial failures into everlasting fame. In order to know, keep on reading.

Andaz Apna Apna

Release Date: 4 November 1994

Regarded as one of the finest comedies in Indian cinema, “Andaz Apna Apna” initially failed to make a mark at the box office. Starring Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, the film tells the story of two bumbling individuals vying for the affection of a wealthy heiress. Despite its initial commercial failure, the movie’s hilarious dialogues, unforgettable characters, and comic timing have earned a cult classic status over the years.


Release Date: 17 December 2004

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, “Swades” stars Shah Rukh Khan in a thought-provoking tale about an Indian-American NASA scientist who returns to his homeland to reconnect with his roots. Despite its compelling storyline and impactful performances, the film failed to resonate with the masses initially. Nevertheless, “Swades” has since gained a dedicated following for its exploration of patriotism and social issues.

Nayak: The Real Hero

Release Date: 7 September 2001

Although packed with various commercial elements, including a star-studded cast and a gripping plot, this Anil Kapoor starrer didn’t generate significant box office revenue. However, over the years, the Shankar directional has achieved a tremendous rewatch value and is expected to retain its place in the collective consciousness for years to come.

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Release Date: 28 November 2008

Undoubtedly, “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!” stands as Dibakar Banerjee’s most remarkable creation. Drawing inspiration from the life of the renowned thief, Devinder Singh, the film ventures into uncharted territory, diverging from familiar narratives. Although the offbeat film received a tepid response from audiences, it garnered a National Film Award and has garnered a devoted following among the youth, establishing itself as a cult classic.

Dil Se

Release Date: 21 August 1998

One of Shah Rukh Khan’s finest movies, Dil Se, was a box office flop in India. Considered ahead of its time, this Mani Ratnam directional won Ion 2 National Film Awards and  7 Filmfare Awards. It is considered the greatest example of Indian Parallel Cinema.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

Release Date: 12 August 1983

Directed by Kundan Shah, “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro” is a satirical comedy that portrays the corruption and hypocrisy prevalent in Indian society. Despite receiving critical acclaim, the film failed to strike a chord with the mainstream audience upon its release. However, over the years, its brilliant script, exceptional performances, and iconic moments like the Mahabharata-inspired climax have made it a cult classic.

Kaagaz Ke Phool

Release Date: 2 January 1959

This Guru Dutt movie is often cited as evidence that box office success is not the same as a movie’s impact and that movie ticket sales do not reflect a movie’s calibre. The protagonist of the story is a troubled film director who falls in love with an orphaned woman and raises her to stardom. However, his wife’s family disapproves of their relationship and puts up numerous barriers.

Mera Naam Joker

Release Date: 18 December 1970

One of the most famous films ever made in India, this Raj Kapoor starrer initially faced commercial failure upon its release. However, over time, this ambitious and introspective drama has transformed into a cult classic in Bollywood. The film’s unconventional narrative, powerful performances, and emotional depth have captured the hearts of cinephiles, solidifying its place in Indian cinema history.


Release Date: 16 February 1990

Agneepath, a Hindi film directed by Mukul S. Anand, released in 1990, had a turbulent start at the box office, marked by commercial failure. However, over time, the film underwent a remarkable transformation and achieved the revered status of a cult classic in Bollywood. Its gritty narrative, intense performances, and iconic dialogues have earned it a dedicated fan following.


Release Date: 14 August 1981

Despite being helmed by renowned director Yash Chopra and featuring a star-studded cast, “Silsila” faced mixed reviews upon its release and struggled to perform well at the box office. The film tells the story of Amit (played by Amitabh Bachchan), Pooja (played by Jaya Bachchan), and Chandni (played by Rekha), who find themselves entangled in a complex love triangle. However, over time, this romantic drama has garnered a cult following and achieved enduring earnings, solidifying its place as a beloved classic in Bollywood.


Release Date: 12 Dec 1980

Despite being one of the biggest commercial movies of the 80s, Ramesh Sippy’s Shaan was a box office failure. One of the reasons for its failure was that it was expected to match up to Sippy’s earlier film, Sholay. However, over time it garnered the admiration it deserve. Shaan is among the most-watched Bollywood movies on television.

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