Ohh!! Hollywood Director In Sudeep's Home?

by October 25, 2017 0 comments
By: Nishan Puthran.

Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kichcha Sudeep, who is the most busiest actor of Sandalwood, right now occupied with the shooting of 'The Villain', reality show 'Bigg Boss - 5' and without further ado he'll be beginning with 'Pailwan'.

At that point shouldn't something be said about Sudeep's Hollywood movie...?

As a matter of fact, Hollywood director Eddie Arya met Sudeep in his home, to examine with respect to Sudeep's Hollywood movie, 'Risen'. The photoshoot of Sudeep for the same is deferred because of his bustling calendar. The makers have wanted to direct the photoshoot here itself.
Then, Kichcha Sudeep is assuming a soldier role in the flick. The shooting of the movie is now begun. In any case, Sudeep will soon join them in Australia for the shoot.

All Kannadiga's are eager to watch Sudeep in Hollywood movie and it's unquestionably a pride for Karnataka and Kannada Film Industry.


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