Godhra: Actor Ninasam Sathish Injured During A Shoot

by September 05, 2017 0 comments
By: Nishan Puthran.

Ninasam Sathish has been injured, while shooting for "Godhra" movie.

Addressing a channel, Ninasam Sathish said that, the flesh of the stomach has erupted and he had languished with lot of agony over some time due to the injury caused.

The occurrence happened in the forest close to Kukke Subrahmanya. "We took a little bit of risk  for reality and chose to shoot a action sequence. Harmed because of blasts of explosives upon overwhelming glass. I was admitted to the hospital, soon after the episode," Ninasam Sathish said.

The doctors have sewed his stomach, which was sliced because of the blast. At present, further treatment is going on, and Sathish is having rest.