Real Star Upendra To Launch His Own Political Outfit

by August 12, 2017 0 comments
By: Nishan Puthran.

All the speculations regarding Real Star Upendra's step towards politics has been exposed. There were few buzzes that, Upendra would be entering politics, long ago. Upendra himself has just answered all the confusions in the press meet held by him today at Bengaluru.

Actually, Upendra will be definitely joining politics. But, he will not join any of the present political parties. Instead of that, he plans to build his own independent party. "We are building a party that can get rid of money, caste and power," he said.

Upendra further adds, "Representatives should be able to use the tax amount efficiently. That's what, we need to choose the right representative".

Upendra has openly invited everyone to join his party, saying that, this should begin from the core like Swachh Bharath abhiyana.

The political party's logo and name, with the advice of the citizens will be released very soon.

Meanwhile, the name 'Prajaakiya' is currently being heard for the party to be salted. Upendra has released three e-mail IDs to which any one can send in their advices --, and!