Wow! MUGULU NAGE to have a unique audio launch!

by July 10, 2017 0 comments
By: Shraman Jain!

While, Yogaraj Bhat and Golden Star Ganesh's "Mugulu Nage" is being censored this week, the team has chosen to release the audio in a unique way.

As indicated by a report, there are 8 tracks in the film and all the 8 tracks will be released by the team at various 8 spots of Karnataka, which are composed by V Harikrishna.

The main track in the collection, "Hodiombatth" has just been released today openly in Hubli, by Raju Taalikote.

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The report additionally includes, the second track in the collection, "Roopasi" will be released at Ganesh's home in Bengaluru on July 12th as a part of Shilpa Ganesh's birthday. Also, the audio release is relied upon to be finished by July 21 or 22.

In the mean time, Ganesh and Yograj Bhat alongside "Mugulu Nage" team will visit Jog Falls as a part of the 10 year commemoration of the "Mungaru Male".


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