Sanjana Apologizes For Her Remarks On Darshan

by July 30, 2017 0 comments

By: Shraman Jain.

And finally Big Boss Sanjana apologized for her remarks on Challenging Star Darshan as a build up actor.

Her remarks in a rapid fire round of Akul's 'Super Talktime' show, is right now in immense contention. Darshan's fans are annoyed of Sanjana's remarks and are making comments and trolls against her in social networking websites.

During the initial stage of controversy, Sanjana had stated, "I'll never apologize for any reason. That is my closely-held conviction. I will address Darshan sir and brief with respect to the context the comments were made". Be that as it may, today Sanjana has apologized in the wake of seeing the increased comments and trolls against her via social networking websites.

"I have no expectation of harming Darshan sir or his fans. I apologize if my remarks have hurted either Darshan sir or his fans. I said unmistakably that Darshan sir's film has a lot of bulid up. I didn't have any acquaintance that it would be such a major controversy", said Sanjana.


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