EXCLUSIVE : Rashmika Mandanna's​ Birthday Special Interview!

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In Karnataka, at present, there are several names which doesn't require any introduction. Out of such names, Rashmika Mandanna is also one, Right? The young budding actress is familiar to almost everyone with no age limit.

The beautiful actress is currently busy shooting for 'Anjani Putra' with Puneeth Rajkumar. Today, She is the most happiest person in the world since she is celebrating her birthday.

She has shared some interesting facts regarding her plans for the birthday, exclusively with FiLMiBEE. So, let's check it out..

Interviewed & Written By Shraman Jain, tweets @TheShramanJain

What makes your current year's birthday special?

Usually, I don't plan anything for my birthday & will not have any idea regarding what will happen on my birthday. So, I don't know what to say regarding the same (Smiles). If friends visit my home, will celebrate with them, if not, as usual, will celebrate with my family.

• What's the most precious & memorable gift that you received till date?

The most precious gift was my Sister (Shiman Mandanna), four years back.

• Any resolutions​ on your birthday?

You just tell me, how many resolutions to make? One for New Year, One for Ugadi & now again one for Birthday?? (Laughs)

Jokes apart, my one resolution for any occasion that won't change throughout my life is, to make my family & friends always SMILE.

• Till last year, you were celebrating your birthday among your family & friends. But, this year you'll celebrate among your fans too. So, Your comment?

(Smiles) Actually, I would never like to use the word 'fans' for those who love me, because I'm not grown up to that extent. So, I would love to define them as my best family/friends.

Btw, As I mentioned above, I haven't planned anything yet & have to decide how to celebrate my birthday with my family/friends, once I'm back home from shooting.

• As age increases, Responsibilities increases. Right?

Responsibilities in my life had already started a way long back. So, no extra responsibilities to be added & have to maintain the same responsibilities that I've right now.

• How's your current day-to-day routine? Are you busy?

Daily I wake up at 6AM, will visit the shooting spot & will practice all my dialogues. After completing my shoot, will be back home at 6PM or 8PM & then I'll move towards the gym & will return​
back home after attending a kind of tution. Before I go to sleep, I'll spend a few hours with my family​.

So, this is my present day-to-day routine. Actually, I'm not busy, but kind of busy.

• What do you want, commerical success or critical acclaim?

I want peoples LOVE!

• What matters to you more -- Awards or Appreciation?


• What are your yet-to-be-fulfiled aspirations?

Umm.. For now, just to make people say that they are proud of me. After that, gift my parents a big big home :)

• A message to all your fans who're celebrating your birthday..

I don't know.. They all have accepted me very well. They all are showering me with lots of love. I know, it's cliché if I say just Thank You because, everyone says the same. If I'm speaking with you today, it's just because of my entire family. If my name exists throughout my life, that too is just because of them. So, I always owe to them.

I'll definitely​ deliver extra extra extra hardwork to make my entire family/friends happy & feel proud about me. Meanwhile, I request everyone to keep supporting me, so that, it'll make me feel very happy & to complete my works with a delightful smile.

FiLMiBEE team wishing Rashmika Mandanna a Very Happy Birthday! Let you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, smile, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead.