HEBBULI Movie Review By FiLMiBEE; Rating : 4/5

by February 23, 2017 0 comments
Reviewed By Vinayak Naik!

What drives you to hold the chair tight, and never let you miss a single second while watching HEBBULI? Well, I'm gonna tell you all about this!


Hebbuli the most anticipated Kannada movie of the year. It had first created a buzz just by its title, later on it created the buzz by releasing KICHCHA SUDEEP’S first look, and the buzz continued & continued till the last minute of it's first screening. Well, then what's the buzz after the release of the movie? Yeah! Its creating havoc all over.

The making is the main highlight of the movie. Kannada cinema hasn’t witnessed such a rich making ever. It's not only rich by its making, but also totally rich by its story, gripping screen play & cinematography. The director has worked nearly 2 years for this epic movie. His hard work hasn’t failed & can experience it on screen.

The movie creates curiosity in every single episode & never lets you get bored. Right from the starting till the end, you will watch the movie with the same excitement and joy. Right from the bombastic entry of Sudeep, till the end of the last scene, the director never lets you turn your head off the screen. With the vital - crucial message, and with expensive making, along with excellent acting, makes the movie 'A Must Watch'.

Kichcha Sudeepa just steals the entire show. The screen presence, the style, the attitude, the talent, the body language, the dialogue delivery, the acting is simply awesome. This man can do anything beyond our imagination. Ravichandran emotionally touches everyone with his beautiful dialogues. Amala Paul has a cute role for her Kannada debut where her chemistry with Sudeep is good. The three main antagonists, Ravi Kishan, P Ravi Shankar and Kabir Duhan Singh has performed fabulously. As usual, Chikkanna's comedy track is amazing.

Must mention about the BGM works by Arjun Janya since it's ultimate & one of the major highlight of the film. The BGM elevates the episodes & will definitely gives you goosebumps. Even the tracks by him are very good, especially the title track & Usire Usire.

After “GAJAKESARI”, Krishna is back with roaring ‘HEBBULI’. The way he has carried the story is just brilliant. Krishna showcases his intelligence and his  massive talent through this movie. Krishna’s sense of making the movie is very unique & attractive. He his the man who trained the Hebbuli to roar louder.

Well, some people were saying that KFI lacks good technical team. Now, it's time to ask them to take back their words. Because, after watching Hebbuli, I must say 'KFI is strong even in technical aspects'.

The producers are the big wealthy fish in the ocean. The main reason behind the richness are the producers. Every scene showcases the richness. It leaves a message for other film industries that even Kannada film makers are no less than anyone. If this movie raises the standard of Kannada film industry, then the producers surely play a big Part in it.

Final Verdict

The movie has every commercial element, also portrays a very good message to the people. There is a wave of emotions, a wave of sentiments, a wave of laughter. It’s a complete wave of entertainment. Go watch it and please support good Kannada movies.