FiLMiBEE - Creative Guyz Exclusive : Rank Star Guru Nandan Talks About His Upnext Release, Smile Please!

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'RAJU.. RAJU.. FIRST RANK  RAJU..'! Yes.. These chorus lines had just buffed up in everyone's mind a year ago, as well as the actor who played the role of 'RAJU'. Yes! That was the time when the Kannada film industry got its 'RANK STAR'. Well, I'm speaking about our RANK STAR 'GURU NANDAN'.

After the massive success of 'First Rank  Raju', Guru Nandan is gearing up for the release of his second film, titled 'SMILE PLEASE', directed by Raghu Samarth.

In a phone conversation, GURU NANDAN revealed why he signed for 'Smile Please' & also some interesting facts about the film.

Interviewed & Written By Vinayak Naik !!

• After 'First Rank Raju' you might have  got many offers. But, what made you to opt ‘Smile Please’ ?

I always prefer to do different roles. So, I had gone across many scripts, but the script of 'Smile Please' ignited a spark. The story is too good & it is 100% family entertainer in a unique way. The way RAGHU SAMARTH narrated me the story had totally impressed me & had felt that I could reach different set of audience. As a result, I preferred to do the film.

• Tell something about your character in the film...

I'm playing a role of a normal guy, MANMOHANA who is a photographer. Father-in-law of MANMOHANA runs his family in a very strict manner. So, how this MANMOHANA tries to win their hearts and make them smile is the main factor of my role in the film.

• The role you're playing in ‘Smile Please’ is completely different from the role of ‘First Rank Raju’. So, what homework you had to do in order to get  into the character ?

There was nothing as such of homework since the character demanded to be just like a normal guy. So, I had just read the script properly & prepared myself for the character.

• Since the movie title is ‘Smile Please’, will the audience just keep smiling throughout the movie or there is some emotional touch too ?

(Laughs) Raghu Samarth has made the film with the intention of making everyone smile. So, obviously you'll Smile throughout the film. Talking about the emotional touch, you need to go and watch the film to know about it.

• In the trailer, we witness a crazy family! So, please tell us something about the same ?

Actually, we've made the film concentrating on family audience. The family in the film connects to each & every family that we've in our society today. So, it'll create a thought in the mind of every viewer, "Yes. The family on screen is similar to my family".

• How would you describe RAGHU SAMARTH as a director ?

Raghu Samarth is an amazing director & even a good writer who has written dailouges for big projects like JAGUAR & SIDDHARTHA. He has a unique style of narrating the story which's definitely impressive. He was very clear with what he wanted. He hasn't compromised anywhere regarding the quality. He is not only a very good director & writer, but also a very good human being from heart.

• SMILE PLEASE, how it's different from  the other kannada films ?

Everyone makes the film in a different way with respect to the view point that particular maker has. Having said that, Our main intention is to entertain the audience till the last minute of the film. The entertainment we deliver for the audience will be different & fresh.

• How was the experience working with Kavya Shetty ?

My co-star, KAVYA SHETTY is very talented & promising actress. She has already proved herself in 'Ishtakamya'. I was very happy to work with her. She is very good co-star & has given complete justice to her role in the film.

• For an individual, why smile is necessary ?

Smile is very important for everyone. They say, laughter is the best medicine & yes, it is very true. If you keep smiling, all your stress will automatically vanishes & no disease will occur. So, Yes! It's very important to smile everyday.


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