Sruthi Hariharan's Exclusive Interview On "Beautiful Mansugalu" With FiLMiBEE

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One of the most renowned actress of Sandalwood, Sruthi Hariharan started her career as an assistant to a choreographer and subsequently moved to acting in Kannada films is now much sought actress in Sandalwood.

This pretty girl remains grounded & un-perturbed by her stardom.

Even With multiple films in her hand, Sruthi is shooting back-to-back and doesn't find life frantic.

In-spite of her busy schedule, Sruthi agreed for a phone conversation about her upcoming Kannada movie, "Beautiful Manasugalu", slated to release on January 20.

Interviewed & Written By Shraman Jain, Tweets @TheShramanJain

• What was the appeal of doing 'Beautiful Manasugalu' ?

After completing the shoot of 'Jai Maruti 800', Jayateertha sir got my reference through Sharan who was my co-star in 'Jai Maruthi 800' and got in touch with me. I had obviously heard very good talks about his previous movies. I especially loved his film 'Tony'. When he contacted me, I was very certain that I wanted to work with him. The script was really engrossing and the story was narrated in a way which was unseen or unheard of in the past. It's Jayateertha's fresh way of looking at life, it's issues & the problems that we all go through.

• What's 'Beautiful Manasugalu' is all about ?

I had asked the same question to Jayateertha sir & his answer was "At the time of birth, we're all born with innocent minds & souls, untouched by the society. But, as we grow up, we are put into the system which takes away that innocence from us and we may seem to have become bad. All of us do mistakes and may feel negative at some point of our lives due to these mistakes". Jayateertha sir believes that all of us have a beautiful mind and due to the influence of society, sometimes this beauty is lost. So 'Beautiful Manasugalu' is all about good & bad in a man made society.

• How was the experience of working with Sathish, the second time ?

It was a pleasure working with Sathish once again. I personally respect his views & opinion. He is an extraordinary human being who began his life an as actor very early in Ninasam. I was an immature actress when I did 'Lucia'. But, after doing a few films, I have matured as an actress now. It is an ongoing process of discovering my potential and people like Sathish have helped me in this learning process. I have learnt a lot during the shooting of 'Beautiful Manasugalu'.

On the sets, me, Sathish & Jayateertha sir had conversations on history of our Kannada films. Those were the films that I was probably not exposed to growing up. But, they are the one's who exposed me to those films.

• Can you share any special moments ?

Right now I think I don't remember any special moments. But, on the performance front, ya there are many special moments. In fact I would like to share one scene, a street play scene which I had to perform with lot of intensity. It was a beautiful moment which I won't forget because there are times when you completely forget your reality & become the character, the director wrote.

Reason for sharing all these is because usually actors while performing tend to grab influence from their own life experiences. But, when you actually try to create an experience that is what really acting is. I think those moments happened to me primarily because Jayateertha is a director who always inspires to perform whole new emotion.

• Since the subject is based on true incident, how did you prepare for the role & what were the references for your character ?

I wished, but I couldn't prepare much. Actually professional preparations were not much required because I am playing the role of a girl who is named 'Nandini', a girl of today's time who works in a beauty salon. So I had just visited a beauty salon & spent some time observing the women who work there.

There was no personality or character references that I got. With the help of script & by talking to the director, asking him questions, I created an imaginary person & it was literally me being that imaginary person.

• This is your first film with director Jayateertha. What makes him a special director ?

He is special director because he inspires through his films. He is an extremely planned director and achieves whatever he wants. His writing is beautiful. Every word in the film is written by him personally & that comes from his way of thinking. Apart from these qualities, he is an amazing human being. I've been lucky enough to meet a few men in my working in Kannada Film Industry & Jayateertha sir is one such person among them, for sure.

• If I ask why people should watch 'Beautiful Manasugalu', What reasons you would give ?

There are many reasons. But, if you want me to pin a few of them, the first goes for the content. Because we've seen lot of fiction in cinema. This one is based on real  struggle of men & women, now-a-days. This is also about the real issues one is facing in today's society.

The movie is an experiment which doesn't hold normal commercial & conventional formula. Obviously it is a love story. But, deep down the movie revolves around socio-cultural issue.

Lastly, Today people have started to watch & love our Kannada films in large number. So, let's all keep supporting our Kannada films.

• So, your final words ?

I think, today Kannada Cinema is creating wonderful pieces of art. I am very much proud & so humbled at the same time that I am able to be part of this new movement. Actors are nothing without audience support. So, I am requesting every single Kannadiga to go back to theatres, watch all Kannada films & keep supporting KFI.