"Rakshit Is My Biggest Inspiration" Says Kiranraj, Associate Director Of Kirik Party!

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‘Kiranraj', the man from  Kasaragod, emerged as a director of a shorts, associate director of Endendigu, Ricky & Kirik Party as well as the member of Rakshit's ‘Seven Odds'.

In an exclusive interview with FiLMiBEE, Kiranraj opens up about his past life as well as his future plans and also discloses something interesting.

Interviewed & Written By Vinayak Naik (ViiaN) !

• Where were you born? What's your background?

I am basically from Kasaragod, Kerala. My mother tongue is ‘Malyalam’ but, I am well versed in Kannada. I Secured High School Education in Kasaragod but, couldn't continue my further studies because financially my family was very weak. So, I moved up to Mangaluru, worked there at different hotels, earned some bucks & completed my PUC correspondence. I worked in Mangaluru for almost 5 years, trying different jobs. These jobs gave me enough knowledge what the university also couldn’t give. On the verge of Degree, I completed my first venture, a tele-film titled 'Kaavala'.

• You are the member of '7 odds'. So would you tell what it is about?

It is a team of writers. The name is '7 Odds' but, total there are 6 members in the team who worked for Kirik Party.

• Who are the members of the team?

Rakshit Shetty, Rishab Shetty, Abhijith Mahesh, Dhananjay Ranjan, myself & Chandrajith.

• How you end up to be a part of '7 Odds' team?

After Kaavala, I made a short film called 'Kabbina Halu', a childrens short film. It was very challenging, especially during the scripting & shooting because no dialogues were used ( A silent short film ) & all the actors were childrens. So, I took a little more time and had completed it in 2012. I had shooted it in handycam and didn't had any knowledge about the films. It was completely in amateur level.

In Bangalore, Vishnuvardhan Sir's family had arranged a short film competition at the south indian level. I just thought of sending my 'Kabbina Halu' short & had sent it without any hope because technically it was poor but, script work was good. Later, one fine day I received a call regarding the short film competition, asked me to attend the function in Bangalore where they were giving certificate of appreciation for those who had participated. I had been to the venue & was very happy to see the presence of Bharathi Vishnuvardhan ma'am & other dignitaries. I had been there just to receive the certificate of appreciation. But, luckily my short had won the first place out of 1000+ shorts. That was the best moment of my life, also had bought tears in my eyes.

Later I got a chance to be associate director for Imran Sarrdariya’s ‘Endendigu’. Later on, I got a chance to work as associate director for Rishab Shetty in 'Ricky’. Next, I became a member of '7 Odds' & also associate director for 'Kirik Party'.

• You have worked with Rishab Shetty as well as Rakshit Shetty. So, what qualities would you like to take from them?

Rishab Shetty’s energy is superb. He his very active all the time. He is suitable for the phrase ‘Captain Of The Ship’. So, I would like to consume that energy from Rishab.

Rakshit is very creative & natural. All the time he just thinks about movies. So, I would like to consume these qualities from Rakshit.

• What inspired you to make short films?

After completing my first project, a telefilm, I had been to acting course with the intention of starting my career as a director. But, before starting the career as director, I decided to learn something. So, I worked as junior artist for almost 8 months. Unfortunately I didn't learn anything. So, I thought, "If I'll be here, i'll remain as junior artist co-ordinator, not a director". I decided to return back to Kasaragod, borrowed money from few people since I had only Rs.3000 & started to shoot my second tele-film titled ‘Kaavala’ which means darkness. It had reached everywhere in Kasaragod & been appreciated. Later, I made an album called ‘Kanasu’ & next was 'Kabbina Halu’.

• So, any further short films coming up?

A documentary movie is coming up which is titled as ‘Yakshagana Puppets’. Apart from this, no other short films.

• Kannada film industry is witnessing many offbeat movies like ‘Rama Rama Re’ & ‘Rangitaranga’. So, what's your view?

I am a  big fan of such movies. I love such offbeat movies. It is a very good trend in kannada industry and has risen the hope that even we can make such type of movies. So, even I am trying to make such movies. Let's see.

• Kirik Party is been releasing world wide. So, don’t you think Kannada market should be expanded and reach the unreachable audiences?

Definitely, why not? Kirik party is getting housefull shows outside Karnataka too. So, our market is building up. In coming days, we want all good kannada movies to release in each & every state, So that we could build & make our market strong everywhere. 

• Last question, What is your future plans? Any plans of directing movies?

(Smiles) Actually I don't want to disclose anything about this topic unless the script work is done. Once everything goes as per the plan, I'll officially announce regarding the same.