Beautiful Manasugalu Review | FiLMiBEE Rating : 4/5

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Reviewed On 20 January, 2016
By: Vinayak Naik!

The Lucia pair is back with ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’. Not only the title is beautiful, even the pair is damn beautiful. The film released all over Karnataka today & receiving tremendous applause from celebrities, critics & audience.

FiLMiBEE Rating : 4/5

Review :

Jayateertha, the director of the movie has successfully showcased the film very colourfully. Since it is inspired by true incident, the story line is pretty strong. Screen play by the director is too good & definitely, it is the major highlight of the film.

The movie doesn’t deal with high action sequence & any general commercial aspects. The movie is simple, natural & very engaging. The director have explained, how the media or the corrupt police officer baffles the common people. Also, the background of the electronic media is brought to limelight.

Satish Ninasam, the very talented actor, entertains everyone with his dialogue delivery, as well as his natural acting. He has proved again that he is born to act. Talking about the female lead, Sruthi Hariharan, she is just awesome with her acting as well as with her looks. She is like, you give any role to me, I'll never fail to give my best. She is constantly improvising as well as impressing audience with her different roles & inspiring others to act better. Make a note, she will rule everyone’s heart in Karnataka through her films as well as her acting.
Tabala Nani, Achyut Kumar, Prashant Siddi, Sandeep among others, performed brilliantly. Especially, Tabala Nani's (Ranganna) characterisation by the director is very impressive.

The first half is full of love & fun episodes & the second half deals with the emotions. The dialogues are sensible strong & very powerful. Music by B J Bharat is outstanding & is the second major highlight of the film. The movie doesn’t make you bore anywhere. In fact, from the beginning, the film will arise curiosity & make you to stick on to the seat, till the end.

Finally, the movie is just worth watching and surely it won't disappoint anyone. Since it is our Kannada cinema, requesting you all to rush to theatres near you & motivate others too. Keep supporting our Kannada films...