Kirik Party Review : Go Ahead; Re-live Your College Days

by December 31, 2016 0 comments
Reviewed On 30 December, 2016
By: Vinayak Nayak (ViiaN)!

FiLMiBEE Rating : 4/5

What happens when u put a dedicated team with a combo of ‘Kirik’ director, actor and along a slice of overloaded cuteness? They deliver you a very sensational movie called ‘kirik party’. I'm neither speechless neither surprised. I am just freaking overexited to tell what Kirik Party carries you with. Either you enter the theatre with a rugged face or with a frustrated mind, no worries you come out with an overwhelming smile and with a fresh tears of joy. You don’t need to scratch your head or rub your face, just need to sit down calmly and enjoy the laughter – waughter ride

The simple duo combo is back with a rapchik hit. There are very such sensational moments in the movie where you drag your mind to the Kirik flashbacks which you have created before in your college days. Let's check out, who all were the reason for creating such magical sensational movie.

When the technical team is very strong the purity of it is been observed on the screen. The cinematography by ‘Karm chawla’ added a new toppings on the flavoured ice cream. Editing by ‘Sachin’ showcased the best impressing scenes on the screens. The production team has thoroughly invested rich & that richness is been displayed on the screen.
The actor is nothing without the supporting actors. In this moive there are many supporting actors. Everyone has delivered justice to their roles. ‘Achyuth kumar’ entertains us whenever he is on the screen. ‘Aravind Iyer’ as Lokesh Kumar showcases his pure talent onscreen, ‘Chandan Achar’ as Alexander expressed his natural acting skills on screen. ‘Ashwin rao’ as Ravi as well as ‘Pramod shetty’ as Jnanesh impressed us by unimagined expressions + wowfull acting. The other co-actors Dhananjay ranjan, Shankar murthy, Giri Krishna, Rajath kumar, Raaghu raamanakoppa and many others have truly done their job as much as assigned to them. Every co-star in the movie presented their own assence of acting.

The music is the soul of the movie. The background music by ‘Ajanesh Loknath’ just mesmerises you. This guy surely created a musical album of the year. The feel he expressed by the way of music is just unexplainable. The lyrics are lovely, hats off to the lyricist, hats off to the composer. You people made our ears drums listen to the most beautiful as well as melodious tunes ever heard.

Lets switch on to the main characters now. The director ‘Rishab Shetty’ truly is been loved by the audiences by the way he presented us the movie. He his the captain of the ship, and the captain safely guided his team throughout the journey. The captain impresses every class as well as mass audience. He is creating his own jazz out there.

The scriptwriter, the Producer, the Actor what else should I add, he his the man with treasure of hidden talent, yes ‘Rakshit shetty’, the man who never disappoints anyone whether by his acting or by his directing skills. Rakshit’s acting as well as his expression delivery skills makes you go mad for him. He his the man who carries every scene with a depecting acting. This man impressed us throughout the movie, may be by his innocense expression or maybe by his rugged bearded face, he wont disappoint you.
‘Rashmika mandana’ right now is the crush of Karnataka. She ruled everyone’s heart before the releasing of the movie. She got the loudest cheers in theatre for her entry scene in the movie. She is not only impressive by her cute looks, she also impresses you by her acting skills, and that wow expressions also will make you fall for her. Everytime she appears on the screen, she creates a new magic in every guy's heart. And I am sure, no one could have done the role better then her.

‘Samyukta hedge’, an actress who is much like an small packet with big dhamaka. Her smiling face is what will make you fall for her. That cute smile, with a twinkling bright eyes, and her justice for her role as well as her heart melting expressions and that beautiful acting from her will make you just watch her without blinking your eyes. Sure we got a ‘Small Bomb With Big Dhamaka’. One will go as fan of Rashmika mandana but will return back with a fan of Rashmika as well as Samyuktha.

And my final verdict is, please don’t take a risk to miss this movie. The movie is a complete entertainer along with mixed emotions up and down. Go watch the movie bin your nearest to & re-live your college days. You will come out with paining jaws and with a fresh smile. The kannada movie fans couldn’t have asked for better ending to the year 2016.