Kichcha Sudeepa's Hebbuli Audio Review!

by December 28, 2016 0 comments
Written On 28 December, 2016
By: Vinayak Nayak (ViiaN)!

KFI is freaking damn excited for Kichcha's new flick 'Hebbuli'. The successful combo of Arjun & Kichcha is back with a bang. The movie is creating a lot of buzz in the industry with its teaser and ya because of kichcha's stylish looks. The songs are on the verge of creating new buzz in the industry.

Arjun Janya has introduced new sort of music to our industry which he calls it as 'Hard Rock Music'. So let's check out the tracks!

• 'Hebbuli Theme' - This is the theme song on a roll and will surely give you goosebumps. This kind of music has never been heard before and it will surely create a new jazz in the environment. The rocking beats, the smashing background score have turned the expectations on the movie too high. Probably the best theme song ever heard before.

• 'Huli Huli' - This song is on a next level. It feels like the Kichcha's personality as well as the Hebbuli's character mixed and presented through the lyrics. The lyrics are just Kadak. This song mostly attracts the din chak audience. The mesmerizing lyrics and the beats will surely make your ear drums dance too.

• 'Devare' - This is the sentimental song remembering God in unique touch of beats. It really displays how a comman man pleads to God and the reason behind pleading it.

• 'Yennenu soda' : All the local bars get ready to change your playlist. Because here comes the extravaganza song that will surely rule the bars and cafe's. The song as a damn cache tune specially for the hard drinkers, surely connects to their hearts, brains, livers and the bottles in their hands. The people getting high will dance up with the song beats.

• 'Usire Usire' : The romantic number, fascinates the most. With the soft beats and with the background music, the song is just wow. It will be added in everyone's repeated playlist as the lyrics are very magical. This song will rise the contemprory dancer in you.

• 'Sundari' : This song is all about the beautiful lady and the handsome guy in the movie. This also won't fail to attract you. It is neither a romantic nor a tappanguchchi song. In between the song, there is a little bit of rap which gives a different flavour.

Arjun Janya proved again, why he his called as a 'Magical composer'. The beats, tunes, lyrics, presentation & everything is creating a 'Hard Rocking Sensation' in the industry.