Here's The Complete Review Of Urvi's Audio Tracks!

by December 26, 2016 0 comments
Written On December 25, 2016
By: Vinayak Naik (ViiaN)

"Urvi" is an upcoming women oriented experimental movie in Sandalwood. The poster as well as the trailer are been gaining very good response from audience and surely its proving promising. The songs are out & lets see what flavour they carry.

Manoj George is the man behind Urvi's lovley tracks. First song 'Thili Prema' is the best song of this album. This melodious track will surely make you fall in love with it. It may also remind you of your better half. So just listen to it, to see how magical the tune sounds.

'Kanna Hani' the second song, which mostly deals with the emotions of the women. The unexplained feelings of women are been encatched and tuned up beautifully in this song. It clearly ellaborates the deepest emotions and feelings hidden within women, which couldn't be understood by men.

'Kelu Ranga Kelu' which mostly sounds like its been derived from the kannada rhyme. This song explains why men desperatly falls for women. It showcases a negative part of men.

'Adhara Madhura' which is the fourth track, has a beautiful composition. The lyrics are of high voltage which carry a huge meaning. The song is very energetic & has a different flavour mixed with it.

The album of Urvi has a different flavour-blovour, has won many hearts just like the trailer did.