Do You Know Why Yash Restrained From Promoting Santhu Straight Forward?

by November 08, 2016 0 comments

Written On 8 November, 2016
By: Siddhartha!

The Most expected movie 'Santhu Straight Forward' starring Yash and Radhika Pandith, was released last week, doing well in the theatres & even in box office.

Many had questions, why Yash hadn't promoted SSF. So he clarified all the questions & doubts in the success meet of 'Santhu Straight Forward' where Radhika Pandit, K Manju, Lahari Velu, V HariKrishna & Director Mahesh Rao were present.

When media asked about why he restrained from promoting the 'Santhu straight Forward', Yash said that he restrained because it should not affect the sentiments of the farmers.

''Before the release of the film, there was some misunderstanding with the media regarding the farmers issue. Some said that I have been using the farmers issue to promote the film. But I am not such an insensitive person to use the farmers issue to promote the film. I really don't have the necessity to use such an issue. So, I restrained from promoting the film. I have not talked anything about the film so far. Now that the film is released, I will talk about the film'' said Yash.

Yash said he is very happy about the success of the film. ''I wish to thank one and all for the success of the film. The team had dedicated eight months for the film and the success is because of the dedication of the team'' said Yash.