"We Are Not Good Swimmers & Afraid Of Heights" Said Uday & Anil Before Few Minutes They Drowned

by November 07, 2016 1 comments
Written On November 7, 2016
By: Nishan Puthran!

A Big shocking news for Sandalwood that actor Uday and Anil drowned dead during a deadly stunt for the climax of the movie “Mastigudi.” The film Mastigudi has Duniya Vijay as the lead.

A deadly fight scene between Vijay, Uday & Anil was shot yesterday. As per the plan Vijay, Uday and Anil had to jump into the lake from the moving helicopter. The three of them jumped from the helicopter into Tippagondanahalli lake without any safety precautions.
Somehow Vijay managed to swim and he reached the surface with the help of a boat. But unfortunately, when the same boat returned back to save Anil & Uday, the diesel in the boat got empty. So the other two people were unable to make it out and they drowned.

The film team searched them for long and at last found them as dead. It is reported that there were no rehearsals done and the safety of the performers was a question right from the starting of the action sequence. Also, no permission was given to perform the Aerial shots in the respective lake. It is heard that a FIR has been filed against the stunt team and the film producer.

It is really a sad day! Rest In Peace, Anil and Uday! We miss you...

The Last Selfle Of Anil & Uday