Exclusive : "The Last Kannadiga - ಇವತ್ತಿನ ಸಮಾಜಕ್ಕೊ೦ದು ಕನ್ನಡಿ" Says Madan RamVenkatesh

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Written On November 30, 2016
By: Shraman Jain :)

Sruti Hariharan, reknowned actress in Kannada film industry has now stepped into shoes of a producer launching her own production house, "Kalaathmika". The very first production that is going to be released under this banner is "The Last Kannadiga (TLK)", a short film that touches on a very sensitive subject. TLK is already gaining strong traction fot its catchy, alarming title and the teaser that got released earlier this week. 

This short is directed by Madan RamVenkatesh, a Bangalore based filmmaker. His debut short U-Turn(2010) [ Kannada ] has travelled across the globe being a part of several International short film festivals where it has won numerous awards and mentions. One of his other shorts "ABC" (2015) [ Hindi ], starring Sruthi has been officially selected to more than 30 International film festivals. The film had a worldwide release through a premiere show on NDTV.

'Madan RamVenkatesh'

When asked about the inspiration for TLK Madan says ''Inspiration is something which comes within yourself sometimes, so does the world around you at times. It is the love and gratitude towards Kannada, which is more than a language and inspired me to do something for it. It is an honest effort to awaken the natives about their language which is in the evolution of its death.''

When asked about the film, "It is great that short films release every week, it only increases online digital short film content and helps to gain an audience for the same. 
She adds, our film, TLK, is an experiment in many ways. The audience can definitely expect the film to get them to think and introspect. They can be sure the film gets over even before it starts. The feel of the film getting over fast can be felt considering that it is of 6 mins run-time."

Speaking about his association with Sruthi, he has known her for over 7 years and had been interacting and exchanging ideas. He stated that the prodcuer should not limit himself/herself in just investing money, rather he/she should be involved in the overall creative process being a part of every stage of the project. While working on TLK, Sruthi was full of encouragement at every step and that helped the team to execute the film with a clearcut vision.

'TLK Attractive Poster'

Sruthi too shared her thoughts on TLK. She quoted "To what extent do you identify with your native language? Does it transcend being a mere medium of communication? Does it emotionally connect you to your roots, culture and value systems? Do you even care to speak it? Well I would like to say, this is purely a social experiment and reflecting the state of our language, Kannada."

The short features Vasishta N Simha, Ravikiran Rajendran, Jayaprakash among others. The technical team has Abhishek G Kasaragod (Cinematography), Raghu Dixit (Music Director), Akshay P Rao (Editor), Raghav (Film Stills), Kreative Crew (Publicity Designs) & Manyashree (Minimal Posters).

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