Sonakshi Sinha Starrer Akira Review

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Akira - one of the most awaited action drama movie of the Bollywood directed by Kollywood special director A.R Murgadoss released worldwide yesterday. Akira is the remake of Tamil movie Mouna guru, original movie is male centric, but AR Murgadoss made it as female centric and he made several changes that suits to the taste of B-town.

Story Synopsis :
Akira means graceful strength in sanskrit. Akira is a woman centric action drama flick where Sonakshi playing a role of Akira sharma who is a college student. The film story revolves around the leading lady Akira who lands in a unbelievable, wrong place and wrong situation at every single moment. Anurag Kashyap playing role of top ranking police officer who is a corrupt. The police officers witnesses a car accident instead of taking the injured person to hospital they kill him because they come across a huge amount of 80 crores .This incident land Akira in a problem with police officers. How she single handedly takes on police officers in order to prove her innocence is the main source of the story. Konkana Sen Sharma playing a role of pregnant police officer takes this case & will she help Akira??!! You have to watch the movie for the answer.

• Review :
Akira - No one will be forgiven! The film got positive reviews and good rating from the live audiences, critics, actors, directors. Akira is all about Sonakshi sinha's performance. Sonakshi has performed her career best acting in this movie which is the main highlight of the movie. She stuns with her stunts, Action, performance as a protaganist, innocence, heroic attitude are the main attraction of Akira sharma role and Sonakshi given her best to deliver a sterling performance. Not only Sonakshi, debutant Konkana Sen Sharma who is portraying the role of pregnant police officer also given justice to her role. Anurag Kashyap's negative character was superb and all loved to watch him as a corrupt genius police officer. Apart from that Amit Sad, Teena Singh delivered good performances. Akshay Kumar and Rai Laxmi got a cameo appearance in the movie.
The work of technical team is amazing. Director and editor Murugadoss's work is mind blowing and also film has good production values. John Stewart Eduris background score, Santa Kumar story line, Vishal Shekar music, R D Rajashekar's cinematography, brilliant choreography of action scences, Karan Singh Rathores dialogues are the main attraction on the technical front.

• FiLMiBEE Rating : 3.5/5 Rating

• Final Verdict :
Stunner Sonakshii, thrilling action, excellent performances of the cast - A good package of entertainment with a good social message! Definitely a watchable movie.

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