Real Star Upendra's Upnext Titled As "Modi"

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Written On September 6, 2016
By: Nishan Puthran!

Real Star Upendra, who made a huge change in Film industry by his different types of direction, making , dialogues and style. So that it is always difficult job for the directors to write a script for Super star Upendra. When director Uday Prakash decided to make film with the ‘Real Star', he spent a year in writing the script and its eighth version was finally approved by Upendra.

The interesting thing in this film is its title 'Modi' and it will be an project among three - four projects that are likely to be announced on Upendra’s birthday.
All are Excited to have the title approved by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce committee on Saturday, Uday is now all set to start work on the film produced by KCN Kumar.

“It is not an ordinary title and so is the story,” says the director who has previously helmed films such as Kalla Malla Sulla and Auto Raja.
“So we were glad to know that the title ‘Modi’ could be used for our film.”
Uday says, “The title, bearing the name of the current Prime Minister, is followed by a tag line — It is a One Man Show, No Politics Please...! It clearly states that this film has nothing to do with politics.”
“Though there is no relation between Modi and my film, the only connection is that Narendra Modi’s enthusiasmand sense of responsibility will be presented in the film through a common person, a role essayed by Upendra,” says the director.
“Every politician is first a common man. Just that a Prime Minister gets to realise his goals. We have also put in a few good opinions about Narendra Modi in the story. However, it will have all the commercial elements required in astar film,” Uday says.

According to Uday, this kind of script perfectly suits for Upendra and no one else.
“If not for Uppi, this script would’ve landed in the bin. There were offers to direct a remake with Uppi playing the lead, but I was determined to get an original subject for the star,” he says.

The film is going to start on October, after Uppi completes his current project — Upendra Matte Hutti Baa, Inti Prema.Uday will meanwhile finalise the technicians and star cast for the film.

The film is already creating a buzz by the presence of real star. Uday is planning more surprises to keep the audience in curious about the film.

Real Star Upendra's Upnext Titled As "Modi"