Updates On Sanchari Vijay's Next - "Pirangipura"

by September 08, 2016 0 comments

Article By: Kashyap Bhãt

Sanchari Vijay's new Movie Pirangipura is in News.

The Movie has been Written, Produced and Directed by Mr.Jaan Johnny Janardhana

Movie is shot in both Kannada and Tamil.

Veer Hegde the best tattoo artist is working with the team. Adwaith G is behind the camera. Uma Maheshwar is the makeup artist who has done a very good job. Music is by Shyam l raj.

This movie upholds the talent of national level award winner Sanchari Vijay.

About the movie:
This movie is going to be a Psychological Thriller and a Suspense Drama.This movie travels from Banglore to Rajasthan.

Poster reveal:
Mr.Srimurali was invited for the release of the movie posters. He congratulated the cast and crew of the movie.

Vijay was confused when he heard the story for the first time but he liked the story a lot and was happy to work in the movie.

Without a Villain Hero is not a Hero!.. Raana plays the villian in this movie.

My View:
The Strong cast, Better director, Great crew makes the movie Awesome and this movie has all of it.