Puneeth's "Abhimani Devarugalu" Decided To Quit Twitter?

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Written On August 27, 2016
By: Shraman!

Puneeth Rajkumar's "DoddMane Huduga" Trailer is just creating history at YouTube with the complete support of His Fans.

But now the buzz is Appu's Twitter fans are very much disappointed as they are unable to interact & share the joy with him at Twitter. Recently Appu fans have done many campaigns at Twitter to reach Appu & make him to join Twitter. Some rumours were floating around that he'll join Twitter which made his fans happy. But finally it reminded as rumour itself.

After all these, Appu's Twitter Fan Clubs admins have written an open emotional letter to him regarding the same & also mentioned that they'll be quitting Twitter until Appu joins.
Let's wait & see whether Appu responds to his fans & make them happy!

We, FiLMiBEE Team are also requesting Appu Sir to join Twitter soon & make his fan's dream come True!

Below is the open letter written by Appu Fans to him


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