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Reviewed On August 12, 2016
By: Nithin!

Mohenjo Daro - A old wine with a powerfull kick of Hrithik's power packed performance.
Mohenjo-Daro is a historical romantic drama thriller directed by  Ashutosh Gawrikar received mixed reviews from the audience. The most awaiting Bollywood movie of Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hedge starrer Mohenjo-Daro hit the silver screens today.

Story synopsis :
Mohenjo-Daro story starts with a farmer named as Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) comes in the city named Mohenjo-Daro. Then he saves the life of princess ( Pooja Hedge ) and she falls in love with him. Soon after that he realises that he had a some connection with the city. Kabir Bedi is portraying a negative role of Maham who want to destroy Mohenjo-Daro but Sarman comes as a savior. Will Sarman be successful in saving Mohenjo-Daro? If Yes, how he'll save? Find out by watching the movie at your nearest theatres.

Review :
As we said earlier the movie received  mixed reviews from the audiences, critics, actors etc.. Since Hrithik Roshan seen on silver screen after two long years all eyes on him to deliver a good performance and he has given a justice to expectators.  As we know that The story of the movie is historical it needs lot of patience and attention  to viewers to enjoy the kick of the movie. According to critics the movie gets a thumbs up because the director's intensive research on the film story. As usual Hrithik delivered a power packed performance in his acting, dancing and spectacular action scences.
Debudant Pooja Hedge also given justice to her role as a princess. Kabir Bedi who is seen in a negative role also does his job nicely.
According to viewers point of view some liked the movie because of the presence of Hrithik Roshan whose neat turn was apprecaited by everyone. For remaining ones the weak plot which makes the audiences bored and the characters flipped out when they feel interesting.

• Technical Analysis :
A.R.Rehaman's background score and music, screen play, dialogues, computer generated imagery, VFX effects are the highlights of the movie. Even the production values are just amazing.

• Final Verdict :
Noble ideas in this movie tries to test audience patience. So some may feel boring because of weak plot & simple story has failed to hold the attention of viewers through out the film. On 1st day itself  Mohenjo-Daro failed to attract the audiences & we've to wait & see how it'll perform in coming days.