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Reviewed On August 12, 2016
By: FiLMiBEE Team!

Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kichcha Sudeep, one of the biggest star in sandalwood as that he has huge fan following and has also popularity in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil industry. Due to his recent movies performing very well in box office, Kotigobba 2 movie carried huge expectations as the trailers and songs had became popular.

Finally Kotigobba 2, Sudeep’s Kannada action film directed by K.S Ravikumar is released. The film has Kichcha Sudeep, Nithya Menen, Ravishankar, Prakashraj, and Nassar are seen in important roles in this movie. The Kannada and Tamil version are released on the Varamahalakshmi Festival day.

Story Synopsis :
As the trailer gives a clue of  2 characters of Sudeep as Shiva and Satya one of which will be a thief and the other one an innocent as a typical double acting movie.
After lot of Robberies Police start doubting Sudeep and they would somehow think that there are no two Sudeep’s but only one.
Who are those 2 characters Shiva and Satya? Are they same? Were the police right in guessing? Did the innocent Sudeep who is looked upon suspiciously by the police get justice? Check it out at your nearest theatres.

Performances :
The film is undoubtedly one of Sudeep’s best performance in his entire career. He has carried both the roles in wonderful manner. While the truth is acting in two roles in a single movie needs real talent and is very demanding. In one of the character he oozes charm and right attitude and in the another he outshines the other role with his innocence and emotional performance. Sudeep outshines Sudeep in this movie. Nithya Menon looks gorgeous, shares great chemistry with Sudeep and has beautiful role too.
Ravishankar as the police Officer gives tough challenge to Sudeep in terms of acting. We all know that he is one of Sudeep’s closest friend and like always his acting is outstanding.
Chikkanna's comedy timing is too good in this film. Saadhu Kokila also entertain the audience with his comedy acting.
Prakash Raj is intense and emotional. His emotional episodes will definitely make your eyes rinse for a while.

Technical Analysis :
Rich frames are the striking highlight of the movie. Appreciation should go to the cinematographer. He has distinct style in filming hero elevating scenes.
Couple of Songs by Imman are catchy. Huna Huna and Saalutillave songs are effective on screen.
Second half editing was not upto the mark. Anyhow the good climax covers the dragged portion of the second half.
References to Dr.Vishnuvardhan here and there are really catchy which shows Directors skill.

• Positives :
• Kichcha Sudeep’s Performance
• Ravi Shankar's Episodes
• Chikkanna & Saadhu Kokila's Comedy Timings
• Tight Screenplay
• BGM Works by Imman
• Cinematography
• Dr.Vishnuvardhan References

• Negatives :
• Some dragging episodes in the sec half

• FiLMiBEE Rating : 4/5

• Final Verdict :
Overall the movie is excellent, as it attracts all kinds of audiences. It is best choice for entertainment to all type of audiences out there.
Avoid piracy and please watch the movie in theaters only.