Real Star Upendra, Priyamani & Avanthika Shetty Starrer Kalpana 2 Review & Rating

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Reviewed On July 15, 2016
By: Siddharth!

"Kalpana 2", Kannada horror comedy film directed by R. Anantha Raju and produced by Dr. Rajendra along with Shilpa Srinivas and Swamee. Film released on Friday July 15 on more than 100+ screens. It is the second installment after Kalpana and a remake of the Tamil film Kanchana 2. The film features Upendra, Priyamani and Avanthika Shetty in the lead roles.

Story Synopsis:
In this Film Actor Upendra will be seen as cameraman. He works in a popular TV channel. Avantika Shetty is the Creative director in this Tv Channel. One Day Avantika gave an Idea to make shows on ghosts. So Uppi visits a deserted bungalow to shoot a fake horror show along  with Avanthika Shetty and his team mates. Unfortunately, it is a haunted place and he is possessed by not one but many spirits. The remaining part is about the ghosts seeking revenge against those who are behind their Misery.

• Review:
The complete credit of Kalpana 2 goes to Upendra. Upendra's action in this movie is fantastic. Viewers and fans have given good response for Uppi's action. Even he was amazing in comedy episodes. Priyamani as Kalpana is mind blowing & Avanthika Shetty has given more than 100% for her role especially in ghost episodes.
Undoubtedly, Music & BGMs by Arjun Janya are the pillars for Kalpana 2. Some of the fictional scenes and graphics of the film have caused to goosebumps.
Director has done lots of homework for the film which can be experienced on the screen. His gripping screen play makes the movie run fast without any boring episodes.

• Positives :
- Real Star Upendra
- Direction & Screenplay
- Songs & BGMs
- Perfect Ratio Of Horrer - Comedy

• Negatives :
- Second Half

• FiLMiBEE Rating : 3.5/5

• Final Verdict :
Kalpana 2 is a pakka family entertainer with all commercial elements needed for a Horrer - Comedy movie. It's definitely worth watching movie, no doubt. Pls do watch Kalpana 2 at your nearest theatres without miss.